Most popular and SCARIEST haunted places in Mumbai that you must visit this monsoon

Mumbai, also known as the city that never sleeps, has quite a few nooks and spooky corners. What better way to spend rainy weekends than explore these lesser-known locations.

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Most popular and SCARIEST haunted places in Mumbai that you must visit this monsoon
Most popular and SCARIEST haunted places in Mumbai that you must visit this monsoon

For the city of lights, Mumbai has quite a few dark spots. Countless number of people from the city have spoken out about paranormal experiences they have had in this city that never sleeps. Tales about spirits of women haunting dark alleys, a haunted chawl and more spine-chilling incidents do the rounds and are part of the city's most thrilling urban legends. Here are some of the scariest of them all. 

Mukesh Mills

The places that was destroyed in the fire in an accident in 1870 and has since become a popular location for numerous Bollywood films. Reports suggest that the shoots have been disrupted though, because visitors keep seeing mysterious shadows and get strange sensations. 

D'Souza Chawl

Located in Mahim, a spooky story revolves around this place. Families living in the chawl testify that a woman accidentally fell into a well a few decades ago and has since been haunting the place due to which the residents prefer to stay indoors post sunset. 

Ram Sakit Building

Located right next to Paradise Cinema in Mahim, this building has a bone-chilling story associated with it. Apparently, a resident woman in her late 50's slipped into a well leading to her tragic death. Since then residents claim that her spirit comes out every amavasya and vanishes at dawn.



St. John's Baptist Church

It is very rare that a place of worship is associated with spooky behaviour. This place in Andheri East is said to have been left to ruins back in 1840 due to an epidemic and was soon associated with a bride who disturbed people around. People are said to have heard screams and laughter occasionally, giving people the spooks. 

Madh Island

One of the most scenic places in Mumbai, this area is surrounded by mangroves and is popular for a number of automobile accidents. Apparently, a bride was brutally murdered on her wedding night and her body was dumped into the mangroves, a couple of decades ago. Since then, legend has it that a woman in a bridal outfit appears in the middle of the road causing a mishap. 

Tower of Silence

Every place of death is automatically associated with the paranormal. A graveyard for the Parsi community, people are bound to get an eerie feel around it. The distinct smell and quiet ambiance add to the spookiness of the place. 

Grand Paradi Towers


There have been multiple deaths in this apartment complex. There have been around 20 suicides from the 8th floor alone - a couple followed by their children and an old man jumped out from this floor. This is what makes this one of the spookiest places in the city. 

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