Amazon Deal of the Day: 7 Gift items for new moms & their newborns that are useful and necessary

Updated on Aug 17, 2021 12:55 PM IST  |  117.6K
Amazon Deal of the Day: 7 Gift items for new moms & their newborns that are useful and necessary

Welcoming a new baby to your home changes the lives of not just the couple but every single one in the house. Getting gifts for the new moms can be a bit tricky as we might end up buying things that are not functional or useful or something they sure already own. To ease the burden of motherhood and encourage an overtired new mom, here are 7 cute products that new moms and pregnant moms can make use of and definitely love to own. 


Comfy Tee shirt

The major change that we possibly can see and feel is how a woman’s body changes during her pregnancy. Apart from emotional mood swings and physical burdens, the clothes to suit the big baby bump that is also stylish can scale up the annoying feeling. This cute peek-a-boo tee is cute with its printed graphic and feels super comfy to wear making baby-mama feel happy.

Price: Rs 799

Deal: Rs 699

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Cute blanket wrappers are a must-have to keep the newborn bundle of happiness in the safest, and comfiest way one possibly can. It would be a very useful gift that the new moms can carry along every time they take their baby out.

Price: Rs 1800

Deal: Rs 518

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Baby Blanket Soft Wrapper Towel 

Pamper your baby with soft fabrics that do not irritate its sensitive skin. With these well-made blankets, woven from skin-friendly materials, keep your baby warm, cosy and happy.

Price: Rs 999

Deal: Rs 949

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Sleeping Bag

Newborns deserve quality sleep throughout the day and night. Even when you’re travelling with them, this fluffy sleeping bag will put them in comfy sleep without any disturbance. It comes with a zipper, hooded design and is made of easily portable lightweight material.

Price: Rs 750

Deal: Rs 330

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Pregnancy Pillow

This pregnancy pillow is the comfort pillow that moms can use to sleep in their desired position. This pillow shape offers back, belly and leg support and takes away the need for multiple Pillows. It's ideal for persons who relax on their sides while lounging or sleeping. 

Price: Rs 3199

Deal: Rs 2199

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Gold Plated Mother love Frame

This beautiful gold plated framed set on a red background is a heartful gift that can be mounted on the wall or can be used as a decor item in your home. It’s an ideal gifting item for families welcoming a new baby very soon.

Price: Rs 10,999

Deal: Rs 4,999

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Cushion and Coffee Mug

Who doesn’t love snuggly cushions and stylish coffee mugs? They are everyday essentials and this pretty printed matching mug and cushion set can also be used as a decorative item for your living room, dining room, bed, couch or chair.

Price: Rs 999

Deal: Rs 499

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Apart from all the love and care your shower the baby momma and her cut baby surprise them with wonderful gifts to keep the two most important people in your life happy!

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