Chael Sonnen Questions Conor McGregor’s Motives: Is He Playing the Jon Jones Game in UFC 303 Bout Against Michael Chandler?

Chael Sonnen analyzes Conor McGregor’s pre-fight partying and compares it to Jon Jones' tactics. Is Conor focused or playing mind games? Find out now!

Published on May 28, 2024  |  02:36 PM IST |  78.1K
Image Source: GETTY
Image Source: GETTY

Conor McGregor is partying six weeks before his UFC 303 fight. Fans are worried. Chael Sonnen sees a strategy. Is McGregor copying Jon Jones' game? Jones partied before fights to handle pressure. He called it an excuse for potential defeat. Is Conor doing the same? Videos show McGregor enjoying nights out.

He says he’s not drinking. Still, fans question his focus. Is it all a mind game? Sonnen believes there’s more to McGregor’s antics. What’s the real motive? With UFC 303 approaching, McGregor’s actions stir intrigue. Will this strategy work in his favor?

Is This a Pre-Fight Party...or a Pre-Fight Excuse?

Conor McGregor was recently seen partying at his Dublin pub, The Black Forge Inn. He enjoyed a night out with his fiancée, Dee Devlin, and friends. Videos surfaced showing McGregor mingling with fans and celebrities. He even hosted a secret gig with DJ Mark Kinchen and Belters Only.

Interestingly, McGregor posted a video boasting about staying out until “quarter past two.” He flashed his Rolex and shared snaps of himself holding bottles of Proper Twelve whiskey. Despite this, he insists he hasn’t been drinking.

Chael Sonnen noticed McGregor's antics and had plenty to say. In his YouTube video, Sonnen stated, “Jon Jones played the same game and eventually quit. Jones told the world why he did it. He wanted an excuse in case he lost. And not to you the public, he wanted to have one for himself."


Sonnen continued, “If he was to taste defeat, he could tell himself, he could tell himself well yeah, it was because of so and so. Is there a piece of that happening here with Conor? I do have to wonder if there is a piece of that happening here with Conor.”

As we inch closer to UFC 303, Conor McGregor’s actions keep everyone talking. Chael Sonnen’s insights make us wonder if McGregor is playing the Jon Jones game, creating a safety net for himself.

Will his partying ways affect his performance, or will he prove the doubters wrong once again? What do you think? Is he using the Jon Jones playbook, or is it just Conor being Conor?

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