Dominik Mysterio Exposes Liv Morgan as His Stalker After Romantic Segment on WWE Raw

Dominik Mysterio exposes Liv Morgan for stalking him on Instagram after their segment on WWE Raw. Morgan’s social media activity shows she is head over heels for Dirty Dom.

Published on Jun 04, 2024  |  10:12 PM IST |  143.5K
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Dominik Mysterio and Liv Morgan on Raw before the controversial kiss. Image taken from WWE's official social media account.
Key Highlight
  • Liv Morgan goes on a liking spree for Dominik Mysterio's old posts on Instagram. 

Liv Morgan’s romantic storyline with Dominik Mysterio is currently one of the hottest acts in WWE. After Dominik Mysterio inadvertently helped Liv Morgan retain the Women’s World Championship against Becky Lynch on Raw, Morgan shocked the world by kissing Dominik Mysterio. While it was heavily speculated that the duo were an item covertly, Morgan’s affection for Dominik is still unrequited.

On the latest edition of Raw, Morgan made a bold declaration, stating her intention to take everything from Rhea Ripley, including Dominik Mysterio. After the show, Mysterio shared a screen recording of Liv Morgan’s stalker antics.


Liv Morgan stalks Dominik Mysterio on Instagram

On the recent episode of Raw, Liv Morgan's infatuation with Dominik Mysterio seemed to intensify as she attempted to steal another kiss from him. However, Finn Balor’s interference caused Morgan to leave the Dom Dom alone. But on her way out, she fondled Mysterio’s hair.

After the show, Mysterio posted a screen recording of Liv Morgan mass-liking all his previous posts on Instagram. At this point, it’s conspicuous that Liv Morgan’s obsession with Dominik Mysterio is showing no signs of growing faint. Nonetheless, Dirt Dom still remains loyal to “Mami” Rhea Ripley, turning down Morgan’s persistent advances.

The status of Rhea Ripley’s return, as of this writing, remains unknown. But, all hell will break loose when Rhea Ripley finally makes her comeback.  Liv Morgan's revenge tour has, so far, turned out exactly the way she planned. 


From injuring Rhea Ripley to claiming her title and now attempting to steal Dominik Mysterio away, it's evident that Liv Morgan will stop at nothing until she owns everything that belongs to Rhea Ripley. We will have to wait and see how this story develops, as Liv Mogan’s obsession with Dirty Dom continues to grow week after week.


Liv Morgan and Dominik Mysterio may be playing Rhea Ripley for a fool

Fans believe Dominik Mysterio is secretly happy, even though he appears to be loyal to Rhea Ripley. It is difficult to remain unflattered when someone as gorgeous as Liv Morgan is smitten with you, after all. 

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Many rumors suggest Dominik Mysterio is secretly working with Liv Morgan, which implies that everything may be set up to be Rhea Ripley's betrayal. All in all, one thing is for certain, Rhea Ripley is going to read Dominik Mysterio a riot act upon her return.  



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