‘I’m Going to Retire You’: UFC Fighter Ian Garry Issues Serious WARNING to Colby Covington

Ian Garry makes a bold statement vowing to end Colby Covington's career. Read on to learn why Garry is confident about retiring from Covington.

Published on Apr 02, 2024  |  10:13 PM IST |  126.2K
 Ian Garry Calls Out Colby Covington Again
Ian Garry (PC: Getty Images)

Ian Garry is looking for a fight, and his target is set on Colby Covington. Fresh off a unanimous decision win over Geoff Neal at UFC 298, Garry is on a tear, extending his undefeated record to 7-0. Meanwhile, Covington is coming off a December 2023 title-shot defeat to Leon Edwards.

This isn't the first time Garry has called out 'Chaos' Covington. The Irishman has been relentless in his pursuit of a fight with the former interim champ. But will Covington answer the bell, or will his controversial antics outside the octagon come back to bite him?

Fala Tchau, Colby? Ian Garry Delivers Scathing Farewell in Portuguese

Covington hasn't exactly been welcoming to Garry's challenges. Covington laid out three outrageous conditions for the fight in a characteristically brash move. These included forcing Garry and his wife to turn on their Instagram comments, with Garry's wife even needing to plead for the fight on video. Covington capped it off with a bizarre demand for Garry's wife to appear in one of his sponsored promos. Unsurprisingly, Garry rejected these stipulations entirely.

Unfazed by Covington's antics, Garry doubled down on his call out. He recently spoke with MMA Fighting, and Championship Rounds shared a clip on Twitter where Garry unleashed a verbal tirade. "You don't deserve to be here," Garry stated firmly. "You don't deserve to be at the top of the division anymore."


With unwavering confidence, he declared, "I'm going to retire you." Vowing a brutal finish, Garry continued, "All of Brazil is going to have a smile on their face when I knock you unconscious and leave you in a puddle of your own blood, face down on the canvas." He concluded his message with a scathing farewell in Portuguese: "Colby, you're done. Fala tchau. [Say bye.]"

This isn't the only interview in which Ian again made his objectives clear. In an interview with Sky Sports, he made his intentions clear again.

A Contract Awaiting Signature

Ian Garry has thrown down the gauntlet, placing the ball firmly in Colby Covington's court. Speaking to Nik Hobbs of Sky Sports, Garry expressed frustration over the stalled negotiations. 

"Ask Colby. Because I'm the one who called him out. I'm the one hounding the UFC," he stated, emphasizing his proactive stance in seeking the fight.

Garry's message to Covington was clear and direct: "Say yes. Sign the contract. Let's go. Come on. Let's go. Keep talking." He confidently added, "I'm going to see you on fight night and end your career." 

Despite Garry's eagerness and the heated exchanges on social media, Covington's response remains pending, casting uncertainty over one of the most anticipated matchups.

With every word exchanged, the anticipation for this potential bout grows, promising an explosive showdown that could redefine both fighters' careers. Now, the question remains: Will Covington accept Garry's challenge and step into the octagon to defend his legacy, or will he let this opportunity slip away? 

What are your thoughts? Will this be the battle that lives up to its escalating war of words?

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