Jiri Prochazka Rubs Poison Ivy on Himself in Latest Training Stunt

MMA fighter Jiri Prochazka shocks fans by using poison ivy in his training. Discover why he does it and how it impacts his upcoming fight.

Published on May 14, 2024  |  06:18 PM IST |  46.3K
Image Source: INSTAGRAM
Image Source: INSTAGRAM

How far would you go for an edge in the octagon? Jiri Prochazka takes it to new extremes. Known for his bizarre training methods, he has fans and critics alike talking. Remember his pre-fight routine before he knocked out Aleksandar Rakic? Punching trees and meditating under waterfalls were just the beginning.

Now, Prochazka's latest stunt has everyone buzzing. He rubbed poison ivy on himself, claiming it boosts immunity. Is it genius or madness? One thing is sure: Jiri Prochazka always keeps us guessing.

Immunity through irritation?

Prochazka's win against Aleksandar Rakic at UFC 300 was nothing short of spectacular. He secured a second-round TKO, showcasing his relentless fighting spirit. But his preparation for the fight was as unusual as ever.

Recently, FightWave posted a video that took Prochazka's eccentric training to a new level. In the clip, Jiri is seen rubbing poison ivy on his skin. Yes, you read that right—poison ivy. 

Alongside the video, he wrote, "For the best immunity, you have to go to uncomfortable zone."

For those unfamiliar with poison ivy, it causes an itchy and often painful rash due to its urushiol oil. This makes Prochazka's decision even more perplexing. Why would anyone willingly expose themselves to such discomfort? According to Jiri, it's all about building immunity and mental toughness.



His methods might seem crazy, but they are undeniably intriguing. Prochazka believes that pushing his body to its limits—even with poison ivy—gives him a mental edge. Whether or not this latest stunt will pay off in the octagon remains to be seen, but it certainly has everyone talking.

Is Prochazka next in line? Champion Pereira might have other plans

Speaking to James Lynch of Bodog Canada, Prochazka addressed 'Poatan's' claims that he could be the next title challenger. He said, "I didn't hear anything. I just said what I said in the cage after the fight that I want to be the next challenger for the title."

He added that the timing is now up to the UFC. "Right now, it's up to the UFC when they want to do this fight. I spoke with them by my manager, Tim Simpson, and right now, it's at the point I'm waiting to settle this upcoming fight."

Prochazka also mentioned his readiness to fight soon. "I think about after August—July or August—or something like that. October, maybe. It doesn't matter. For me, it doesn't matter. If they want for me to fight on short notice, I will do that." 

With this determination and a recent win under his belt, Prochazka is eager to step back into the octagon and challenge for the title once again.

What do you think of Jiri's training methods? Will they help him reclaim the light heavyweight title? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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