KSI Taunts Ryan Garcia for Apologizing to PRIME and Logan Paul After Defamation Lawsuit Scare

KSI mocks Ryan Garcia's apology to Logan Paul over the PRIME energy drink controversy. Discover the latest drama and follow the unfolding feud for updates!

Published on May 30, 2024  |  04:46 PM IST |  73.8K
Image Source: GETTY
Image Source: GETTY

Why did KSI mock Ryan Garcia? The answer lies in a simple tweet. This tweet followed Garcia's recent apology to Logan Paul. Garcia had criticized PRIME energy drinks. He called them unhealthy and harmful. He even claimed they were "killing you." But now, he's saying sorry.

In an interview with Ana Paula Saenz, Garcia expressed regret. He said he felt bad for fighting with Paul. He mentioned his long history with Paul's family. But is this apology genuine? Or is Ryan just trying to get away from the suit? Whatever it is, KSI is surely having fun.

KSI Casts doubt on Garcia's change of heart with savage tweet

Ryan Garcia recently apologized to Logan Paul for his harsh comments about PRIME energy drinks. In an interview with Ana Paula Saenz, Garcia said, "I just want to say I’m sorry. I just feel bad for the fight we’re going through because I’ve known the family for years, bro. This sh*t’s breaking my heart. I don’t want to fight with you no more, bro. I don’t got a problem with PRIME, I had a problem with you."

Despite his heartfelt apology, the defamation lawsuit filed by Logan Paul’s company against Garcia remains active. This lawsuit came after Garcia criticized PRIME on Instagram, claiming it was unhealthy, and that anyone who drank it was "working for Satan." After his apology, he even took a sip of PRIME and appreciated the drink.

Adding fuel to the fire, KSI, Logan Paul's business partner, mocked Garcia on Twitter. He wrote, "Haha pussio," directly addressing Garcia's apology. This tweet quickly went viral, sparking even more drama in this ongoing feud.


Garcia has been dealing with several controversies recently, including a positive test for banned substances following his fight with Devin Haney. In which even the B sample test came out as positive. As he navigates these challenges, his apology and KSI’s reaction only add more complexity to the situation.

What will happen next in this high-profile feud? Will Garcia, PRIME and Paul finally bury the hatchet, or will the legal battle intensify? Stay tuned for more updates.

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