LeBron James Heaps Praise on Kyrie Irving; Calls Him Most Gifted Player Ever in NBA

LeBron James was excited on his podcast while speaking about Kyrie Irving and gave him his flowers for the talent that Kyrie possesses.

Updated on Jun 05, 2024  |  12:23 AM IST |  74.9K
Kyrie Irving and LeBron James

We all know about the bond that Kyrie Irving and LeBron James share from their days with the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, in a recent statement on the Mind The Game podcast featuring JJ Redick, James described Kyrie as the most gifted player in NBA history. James emphasized Irving's exceptional abilities by comparing him to an unbeatable draw-four card in Uno who is constantly prepared to alter the course of the game.

LeBron said, "To have a guy like Kyrie Irving as the ultimate wild card, that's like having a draw four in your hand every time someone deals you cards in Uno... In game one, Western Conference Finals, game one." 

LeBron James and Kyrie Irving

What did LeBron James say?

"You know, I think up until that point, I don't know the stat, cause I'm not writing down the stats and I don't call the games like you guys, but I think Kyrie was only averaging like six to eight points in the first half, like in the second round of the playoffs." 

“He was getting 16 to 20 in the second half of the games, but he wasn't getting any in the first. You say, "I need you sometimes in the first half too, brother, even though you're going to have Kyrie in the fourth.” 

LeBron James has so many words to praise Kyrie

LeBron was visibly excited when he talked about Kyrie’s performances in the season. He said, "But like what he did in game one, it was like at a Western Conference Finals, it was like, that was like, oh shit, I have so many words to praise Kyrie that I end up with absolutely none because it's just, it's so, he's the most gifted player that NBA has ever seen." 


"He has the best gifts I've ever seen of any NBA player. I've never seen a guy in my NBA life that feels better feels better at times shooting with his offhand than he does with this with his primary."  

"If Kyrie's off in a game with his right hand, he will literally go exclusively to his left hand. I've never seen anything like that. The shot, one thing I'm thinking the shot that he made versus Denver toward the end of the regular season on on Joker. Yeah. It's one of the most ridiculous shots I've ever seen in my life."

Kyrie Irving is looking to win his first NBA title since leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers. He won the title playing alongside LeBron James and both share a good friendship. 

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