Opinion: Gunther Needs To Win A World Title This Year To Keep His Character's Momentum

Gunther has been one of the most dominant WWE stars of the modern era, and he must move away from Intercontinental Champion to chase a world title.

Published on Apr 25, 2024  |  10:08 AM IST |  37.8K
Opinion: Gunther Needs A World Title This Year To Keep His Character's Momentum
Opinion: Gunther Needs A World Title This Year To Keep His Character's Momentum (PC: Getty Images)

Gunther was the most dominant Intercontinental Champion in WWE history, attaining a record that no one had been able to do in that title's rich history. With a reign of 666 days, The Ring General entrenched his name in the history book as the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion.

He crossed paths with Sami Zayn at WrestleMania 40. Although it appeared an insurmountable task, Zayn did the impossible by ending the most impressive Intercontinental Championship reign in history. Now, Gunther must aim for the world title instead of going for the Intercontinental Championship again or even the United Championship.

Gunther could be a major star of the new era

After the arrival of the new era, steered by the current Undisputed Universal WWE Champion Cody Rhodes, WWE could create and produce a few new stars, and Gunther could be one of them. The 36-year-old in-ring talent is irrefutable, delivering some astounding matches already in NXT and the main roster. 

Furthermore, he worked on his speaking prowess in the past two years, especially after the push on the main roster, cutting some excellent promos during the historic Intercontinental Championship tenure to prove his worth as a top-tier talent. Now, he has earned the right to be a world champion to solidify his character's authority further. 


Gunther can be a great heel world champion

In Cody Rhodes, WWE has found the biggest face of the era. However, there is an absence of a credible world champion-worthy heel right now, particularly after the last loss of Roman Reigns, who has been on a hiatus. 


Gunther, as the world champion, can fill the void of a credible heel. Yes, Damian Priest is a heel, but he doesn't generate the heat as The Ring General does, and he would be better off as a babyface after parting away from The Judgment Day.

Gunther's momentum makes him a world title contender

Since stepping into the main event scene, The Ring General has proven to be indomitable without a pinfall loss until falling short against Sami Zayn at the Showcase of Immortals. Only Chad Gable officially beat Gunther, other than Sami Zayn, and that was due to a time-out. 

One clean defeat hasn't diminished his stature in WWE. Fuelled by his current momentum, Gunther must pursue and win a world title this year, or his two years of push, along with strong character work, will be wasted.

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