Ryan Garcia Calls Out Logan Paul And KSI Concerning Trafficking Accusations

Following Logan Paul’s accusations toward Ryan Garcia, the fighter has responded to The Maverick. Read on for details!

Published on Apr 24, 2024  |  06:17 PM IST |  82.2K
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Ryan Garcia(left), Logan Paul(centre), KSI(right)

Disclaimer: This article contains mentions of child trafficking and abuse

Although professional boxer Ryan Garcia and YouTuber Logan Paul appeared to be cordial with each other, KingRy’s recent comments turned their relationship hostile. Both personalities seem to disagree with the actions exhibited by each other publicly.

Ryan Garcia is one of the most popular boxers today. Amassing a record of twenty-five wins and one loss, the American fighter is most known for his brutal left hook that allowed KingRy to achieve twenty knockouts throughout his career.

Ryan Garcia responds to Logan Paul’s recent accusations against him

In the build-up to his fight against Devin Haney, Ryan Garcia appeared to be expressing strange behavior. The boxer’s rants on Twitter (now X) concerning child abuse and human trafficking sparked a lot of debate on several social media platforms. 

The 25-0 fighter also claimed to possess evidence concerning serious cases of abuse against children. This allegation was questioned by YouTuber and WWE star Logan Paul on a recent podcast.

This prompted Garcia to go off on The Maverick on his recent appearance on the PBD Podcast. The fighter went on to call him a ‘leech’ and believed Paul and his business partner and YouTuber KSI to have ‘no morals’ regarding the aforementioned subjects.



“They’re leeches, man. They don’t stand for nothing bro,” claimed Garcia. The boxer expressed his disdain toward KSI and Logan Paul concerning their supposed avoidance of sensitive matters.

“It’s not gonna hurt your brand to speak for the kids, then you wanna bash the man that is speaking for the kids?” responded Garcia to Paul’s recent claims. 

KingRy also went on to raise concerns regarding The Maverick’s well-documented protests on the Black Lives Matter Movement in 2020.

Following a question raised regarding a potential fight between Ryan Garcia and Logan Paul, KingRy immediately shot down the offer. 

The 25-year-old boxer also claimed their once-friendly sparring session barely impacted him despite The Maverick’s weight advantage.

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What did Logan Paul accuse Ryan Garcia of doing?

On a recent ‘BS With Jake Paul’ podcast episode, Logan Paul alongside his brother, expressed their disagreement concerning Ryan Garcia’s rants on X.

Logan Paul totally disavowed Ryan Garcia’s antics on Twitter before his much-anticipated fight against Devin Haney. The Maverick demanded evidence regarding the child abuse claims that KingRy appear to have been asserting to possess.

The Maverick also went on to call Ryan Garcia an ‘influencer boxer’ due to his massive presence on social media. The WWE star also accused KingRy of having abused a sensitive topic on social media.


“You wanna contribute to a very good cause in stopping child trafficking? Action! Go! Stop just saying stuff,” said Logan Paul. The Maverick believes KingRy should come forward with evidence regarding the said claims as opposed to ranting on X (formerly Twitter).

Up until recently, Logan Paul and Ryan Garcia shared a cordial relationship with each other. Both personalities were witnessed to be encouraging regarding their much-anticipated fights. 

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