Ryan Garcia Throws Support Behind Donald Trump After Former US President Found Guilty in Hush Money Trial

Boxer Ryan Garcia backs Trump after his conviction on 34 charges. Discover how Garcia’s support and Trump’s reaction are sparking major online buzz! Join the discussion!

Published on May 31, 2024  |  01:33 PM IST |  41.7K
Image Source: GETTY
Image Source: GETTY

Ryan Garcia is backing Donald Trump. Trump was just found guilty on 34 charges of falsifying business records. This verdict makes him the first former president convicted of a felony. Garcia, known for his boxing skills and controversial moments, took to Twitter to show support.

He posted a photo with Trump, predicting Trump's victory in the next election. This move has sparked a storm of reactions online. Garcia's support comes as Trump faces sentencing for the hush money scandal involving Stormy Daniels. This story is only getting more interesting as November approaches.

Would Donald Trump still win?

Ryan Garcia didn't waste any time showing his support for Donald Trump after the verdict. He took to Twitter with a bold statement. Sharing a photo with Trump, Garcia wrote, "Just like that, the new president. He will still win. Just watch 🇺🇸"

Shortly after, he followed up with another tweet directly addressing Trump: "Donald T, If you are reading this, We are with you 🇺🇸 Stay strong."

These tweets have generated significant buzz. Many fans and critics are weighing in on Garcia's outspoken support. But what did Trump have to say about his conviction?

In typical fashion, Trump didn't hold back. He called the trial "a rigged, disgraceful trial" and declared, "The real verdict is going to be November 5, by the people, and they know what happened here and everybody knows what happened here." He also stated, "We didn’t do anything wrong. I’m a very innocent man," vowing to continue fighting.


Garcia's tweets have not only highlighted his loyalty to Trump but also brought additional attention to his own recent controversies. This has set the stage for an even more heated discussion as the election draws closer.

Chandler gives his support

Ryan Garcia isn’t alone in his support for Donald Trump. UFC star Michael Chandler also took to social media to stand by the former president. Chandler shared a photo with Trump on Instagram, writing, “You’ve been in my corner, now I’m in yours. You know where I stand ... and you know who I stand with. See you at the top!”

This powerful message shows Chandler's unwavering loyalty, adding to the chorus of support Trump is receiving from high-profile athletes. Both Garcia and Chandler are making it clear that they have Trump’s back, no matter the legal challenges he faces. Their public endorsements are creating quite a buzz online.


What do you think about Ryan Garcia and Michael Chandler's public support for Trump? Do you believe their endorsements will impact their careers or Trump's campaign?

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