Speculation Arises That Mike Tyson Is ‘Trying to Find Way Out’ of Jake Paul Fight

Rumors swirl as Mike Tyson faces health concerns before his fight with Jake Paul. Is he ready for the ring? Discover the latest updates and share your thoughts!

Published on May 31, 2024  |  04:40 PM IST |  35.1K
Image Source: GETTY
Image Source: GETTY

Boxing legend Mike Tyson might be looking to back out of his fight with Jake Paul. Tyson had a health scare recently, feeling dizzy and nauseous on a flight. He blames an ulcer flare-up but says he's fine now. However, rap duo Cam'ron and Ma$e think otherwise. They were asked to perform for Tyson's ring walk but declined.

Rapper duo Cam'ron and Ma$e, you know, the guys behind hits like Oh Boy and What Makes You a Hottie, were apparently supposed to hype up the crowd for Tyson's entrance. But guess what? They're having second thoughts.

Is Tyson looking for a way out?

Mike Tyson recently faced a health scare that has fans worried. During a flight from Miami to Los Angeles, Tyson felt dizzy and nauseous. His representatives later revealed it was due to an ulcer flare-up. Thankfully, Tyson assured everyone he is "doing great"  and feeling "100%" now. However, this incident has fueled rumors about his readiness to fight Jake Paul.

Adding to the speculation, rap duo Cam'ron and Ma$e were approached to perform for Tyson's ring walk. They turned down the offer due to concerns about Tyson's health. Cam'ron shared, “They offered us the walk-out with Mike Tyson. This was before this incident and I’m like, ‘I’m not sure if I want to do that.’”


Ma$e added, "Now, I’m probably not going to do it because I don’t want n****s blaming me for nothing when he don’t win. If we walk Mike out and Mike don’t win, I don’t know if I need that type of pressure.”

Furthermore, they speculated that Tyson might be trying to find a way out of the fight. Ma$e continued, "I hope Mike is well but it sounds like Mike is trying to get a way out. I know he shouldn’t need one but if they took him off this plane, we want to make sure he’s well. But are we having a fight or not? Is the fight still on? Before this, I had Mike winning the fight. Now, I don’t know.”

Jake Paul assured the fans that nothing has changed for the fights, and all of us would not want anything to change. But, amid the recent scare, do you think there's a big chance of Mike Tyson pulling out of the fight?


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