‘Their Games Aren’t Similar to Me’: Isiah Thomas Doesn’t Believe in Michael Jordan and Anthony Edwards Comparison

Isiah Thomas recently talked about the comparison between Michael Jordan and Anthony Edwards. Let's read what Thomas has to say.

Published on May 28, 2024  |  11:01 PM IST |  49.7K
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Michael Jordan, Isiah Thomas and Anthony Edwards

Not a single day passes by when former players aren’t asked to compare the games of Michael Jordan and Anthony Edwards. The latest player to talk regarding the comparison is none other than former Detroit Pistons champion Isiah Thomas. The same Isiah Thomas who had one of the most bitter rivalries with Michael Jordan during his playing days.

Edwards has garnered a lot of positive feedback for his performances this season. Though some have likened Edward's playing style to Michael Jordan's, Thomas isn't buying it and has expressed his opinions on SiriusXM.  

Anthony Edwards and Michael Jordan

What Did Isiah Thomas Say?

Thomas said, "They're excellent athletes in terms of jumping. But in terms of their game, their games aren't similar to me."

Although Edwards is a better perimeter scorer than Michael Jordan, who scored the majority of his points when he was a young player inside the paint, Thomas acknowledged that Edwards has a strong inside game. In addition, the former Pistons player claimed that Edwards involves his teammates more than Michael Jordan did in his younger years.

Isiah added, "Now, that's not a knock on any one of them but just because they both jump high doesn't mean that they're the same player." 

Edwards vs Jordan Three-point Shooting Percentage

In his brief career, Anthony Edwards has averaged 35.3% from three-point arc so far. However, in his first five seasons, Michael Jordan did not shoot more than thirty percent from beyond the arc. Despite this, Michael Jordan led the NBA in scoring for seven consecutive seasons (1986–87–1992–93) and then again (1995–96–1997–98). 


Anthony Edwards

Can Edwards Lead a Miraculous Series Win for Wolves Over Mavs?

The answer is highly unlikely but it’s a sport and that’s why it’s not impossible. However, if the Minnesota Timberwolves can take the series from 3 games down, it would be the greatest comeback in the history of the NBA. 

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