‘To Defend Myself’: LeBron James’ Wife Savannah Reveals She Had to Fight a Lot During Her High School Days

Savannah James and LeBron James still look like a young couple despite so many years of togetherness. During her recent podcast episode, Mrs. James looked back at her high school time and struggles

Published on May 30, 2024  |  04:41 PM IST |  76.7K
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“If you’re a lover, you’ve got to be a fighter. Because if you don’t fight for your love, what kind of love do you have?”

LeBron James and Savannah James have been together for years and they are one of the best couples around the basketball court.

However, according to Savannah, it was never too easy to make a good couple. She recounts her early days’ struggle when she had to go through fights for no reasons during her high school days.

In a recent episode of her podcast, Everybody’s Crazy, Mrs James shed light on what it was like being a student at Buchtel High School in Akron, Ohio. She said, “I had to defend myself. I had a lot of that. I had girls who didn’t like me and couldn’t tell nobody why they didn’t like me. My whole group of friends, it was tough. It was a lot.”

Although, during the young age, we often get into scuffles without anything major. And it is no new to such a well known student who has been a cheerleader and a softball player for her high school team as Savannah.

Similarly, she also acknowledged that the fights had nothing to do with anything serious, that happened just because she had a different group of friends than the ones fighting her. 

“I do feel like a lot of the fights that I had, it was me bein’ just an ally of my friends. I don’t feel like I really fought a fight that was my fight ’cause I was nice. I feel like I got along with a majority, everybody,” Savannah further added. 


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LeBron James Might be the reason behind Savannah James’ fights

LeBron James and Savannah James first crossed paths over two decades ago during their high school days, where their enduring bond began to take shape. Since then, the couple has built a strong family unit and eventually tied the knot. Throughout LeBron's illustrious NBA career, their relationship has been a source of admiration for many.

In high school, Savannah James may have faced envy from some of her peers due to her relationship with LeBron, who was already a standout talent back then. 

And the co-host of her podcast, April McDaniel did not miss the chance to point this out during the conversation. 

April said, “But I would hate you too if your boyfriend was LeBron James. But not really. I really wouldn’t hate you. But I feel like, yes. They’re like, ‘Why couldn’t it be me?’ That’s why they was mad at you.”


However, she did not miss to add that there should not be any fighting between high school mates. And added: “No young women should be fighting.”

Although, the relationship’s reflection has majorly been positive on Bron as his prodigious skills caught the attention of the Cleveland Cavaliers, who selected him as the No. 1 overall pick in the 2003 NBA Draft straight out of high school.

Fast forward 21 years, LeBron James remains a dominant force in the NBA, now a four-time NBA champion and a billionaire off the court. 

Despite any challenges she may have encountered in her youth, Savannah James now revels in the life she shares with her husband and their three children. Embarking on a new and exciting project, her recently launched podcast with McDaniel marks a fresh chapter in her endeavors.

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