Travis Kelce Speaks on NFL Stars and Hilarious Flat Earth Theory; Blames Head Collisions

Travis Kelce revealed that many NFL stars believe in the flat earth theory. He humorously blamed head collisions for the same. Read more details below.

Published on Apr 25, 2024  |  01:30 AM IST |  52.7K
Image Courtesy: Getty
Image Courtesy: Getty

Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce have been hosting the New Heights Show for a long time now. The Kelce brothers often come up with NFL opinions and news. They invite celebrities to their episodes. Their last segment had something special in the bag for the followers.

Travis Kelce’s take on NFL player and flat earth theory

The Kelce brothers were talking about Dallas Mavericks’ point guard Kyrie Irving’s belief in flat earth theory with comedian Andrew Santino on the podcast. The conversation escalated to the point where the three of them started to discuss conspiracy theories.

The Chiefs’ tight end claimed that conspiracy theories bring NFL locker rooms together. Comedian Santino didn’t take long to enquire if Travis had heard about any good conspiracy theories like Kyrie’s flat earth belief. 

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The younger Kelce brother said that Kyrie isn’t the only one but the most well-known who thinks that. He added that probably at least 10-15 guys in every locker room believe that. Jason Kelce agreed to the claim by saying that over 15 percent of NFL stars would vote yes in an anonymous poll asking if they believe in the flat earth theory. The reigning Super Bowl champion joked that it is so because everyone gets hit in the head. 


Instances backing the Kelce brother’s claim

Jason Kelce shared an instance when he was having a similar conversation with a coach. And one of the guys said “How do you know it’s not?” after the coach’s blatant refusal. The New York Jets QB Aaron Rodgers refused to take the COVID-19 vaccine and allegedly said that AIDs was a disease created by the government. 

Tyler Owens said at the NFL Combine that he doesn’t believe in space and thinks that there are no other planets. The Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker tweeted last year that Earth is flat. 

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