WATCH: David Njoku and Browns Hilariously Celebrate Getting Old Grandma Out In Charity Softball Game

David Njoku and the Cleveland Browns had quite a ball celebrating an old grandma getting out. Read on for more details about what went down.

Published on Jun 11, 2024  |  04:01 PM IST |  46.8K
Key Highlight
  • Granny's cameo in a star-studded lineup
  • Planned prank or pure competition?

Cleveland Browns tight end David Njoku recently hosted a charity softball game that took a comically unexpected turn. During the event, Browns running back John Kelly Jr. made headlines for his playful antics, which involved tagging out an elderly grandma, a move that sparked a wave of reactions online.

Granny's cameo in a star-studded lineup

The charity game, held at Classic Auto Group Park in Eastlake, Ohio, featured a variety of celebrities, including Travis Kelce, Nick Chubb, and Jenna Bandy. Among the participants were social media star Ross Smith and his beloved grandmother, who is a regular feature in his popular prank videos. 

Ross, with over 4.5 million YouTube subscribers and 3.1 million Instagram followers, often involves his grandmother in lighthearted pranks and social experiments.

During the game, Granny was given a few chances to bat. On one occasion, she managed to dribble the ball back to the mound. With the help of her grandson, she started making her way to first base. Kelly Jr., who was playing first, had the ball in his glove and initially seemed to let her keep running. 

However, just before she could reach the base, Kelly stepped on the bag and recorded the out. The moment was marked by Kelly and Njoku celebrating as if they had just secured a World Series victory, much to the crowd’s amusement.


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Planned prank or pure competition?

While the play was light-hearted, it was planned as part of the charity event's entertainment. Ross Smith and his grandmother are known for their comedic content, and this prank was no different. The goal was to add humor and a sense of rivalry into the game, giving players and spectators alike an unforgettable experience.

Fans soon began to discuss the event. Some fans appreciated the event’s humor and playful spirit, while others felt that Kelly should have let Granny have her moment. Despite the mixed reactions, the event drew attention and created memorable moments for everyone involved.

Even with the playful controversy, the charity game's main objective—raising money and awareness for a worthy cause—was accomplished. 

Meanwhile, these kinds of events highlight the lighter side of elite players and their inventive and enjoyable interactions with the community. 

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