When a Steelers Fan Snuck Into the Locker Room, Undressed and Showered With Players After Super Bowl XIII

A Pittsburgh Steelers fan once sneaked into the locker room, got naked, showered with the players, and gave an interview after the franchise won the Super Bowl XIII.

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A Steelers Fan Once Snuck in the Locker Room and Showered With Players After Super Bowl 13
A Steelers Fan Once Snuck in the Locker Room and Showered With Players After Super Bowl 13 (PC: Getty)

There might be several weird and strange NFL facts you might have read, and this one is one of them. Did you know a Pittsburgh Steelers fan once snuck into the locker room and showered with the players? 

Not just this, he even had an interview with the reporters about the game until they found out! Yes! It happened after the franchise won the Super Bowl XIII. 

Being a fan, it is one of the wishes to meet your idols, participate in victories and trophy celebrations, visit home stadiums, and many more.

We have seen several security breaches where fans enter the stadium just to meet the players they admire. However, this case went to another level of strangeness. 

A Steelers fan once snuck into the locker room and showered with players after Super Bowl 13

Taking you back to 1979 when the Pittsburgh Steelers faced defending champions Dallas Cowboys at the Super Bowl XIII, ending the game in their favor, winning 35-31 at the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida. 

While every Steelers fan was celebrating the big win, this one particular guy, whom Steve Sabol described as “a pasty-white little bald guy” while recalling the strange movement in 2010 with the Los Angeles Times, sneaked into the locker room. 

Sabol, who assisted his father Ed in finding NFL films in 1962, told Sam Farmer of the outlet that while he entered the locker room as a cameraman, he noticed someone whom he couldn't recognize.He further disclosed that the mystery man, who remains unknown to date, took off his clothes and was seen having a shower with players like Joe Greene, Jack Lambert, and Dwight White.


He told the LA Times, “I’d been around the Steelers long enough to know this guy wasn’t a trainer or an equipment guy. Who the hell was he?” Sabol was curious enough to ask Greene about the guy to which the defensive tackle, also known as “Mean,” replied, “I don’t know who . . . he is.”

The fan gave interviews to the reporters until they found out 

Now, after taking a shower with the players in their locker room, the unknown guy stood in front of Larry Brown's locker room. 

Sabol said he saw “three reporters come over and start interviewing him about the game!” However, after a while, the reporters found out that it wasn't Brown. He left the locker room after getting dressed. 

It's very strange how he sneaked through all those Super Bowl securities, police, guards, etc. However, the fan definitely had, if not the best, surely one of the best days of his life. 


Meanwhile, the Steelers are the seventh-oldest franchise in the National Football League (NFL) while the oldest in the American Football Conference (AFC.) The club, based in Pittsburgh, was founded in 1933 and is currently owned by an Irish-American family known as the Rooney family. 

The franchise has appeared in eight Super Bowls so far, winning six of them. The current general manager of the team is Omar Khan, and Mike Tomlin is the head coach. 

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