Why Is ‘Is Travis Kelce A Donald Trump Supporter’ Trending On Internet? FIND OUT

Here is why ‘Is Travis Kelce A Donald Trump Supporter’ taking the internet by storm. Fans react in favor and against the athlete.

Updated on Apr 15, 2024  |  05:02 PM IST |  77.2K
Find Out Why Is ‘Is Travis Kelce A Donald Trump Supporter’ Trending On Internet
Find Out Why Is ‘Is Travis Kelce A Donald Trump Supporter’ Trending On Internet (PC: Getty Images)

Travis Kelce's recent activity on his social media account has shocked the world and his fans as well. Relax, it has nothing to do with his game or Taylor Swift. The Kansas City Chiefs player has liked a political post and the world can't stop talking about it. 

All the online frenzy is caused because Travis Kelce seemingly liked a political post featuring Donald Trump. And hence, people think he’s supporting the former US president. 

Travis Kelce liked a post praising former US president Donald Trump 

Recently, Travis Kelce was caught liking a post on social media which was related to praising Donald Trump. The post liked by the Chiefs tight end was by former ESPN commentator Sage Steele who is known for his open support for the former US president. 

However, this is shocking for the Swifties as Kelce has been dating Taylor Swift since September and the pop star doesn't really appreciate Trump. In fact, she supported Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton against Trump during the last presidential elections. So, it's extremely disappointing for the fans, especially for the Swifties to see Travis liking a picture like that. One fan wrote, “Do I even need to say anything?”



Another user wrote, “Is anyone actually surprised Travis Kelce likes Trump? It’s like finding a fork in a kitchen.”

Another, “Not Travis Kelce liking a post with Trump in it???”

One commented, “Swifties are gonna try to use the excuse that Travis has no control of his social media, but that won’t work. They all screamed in excitement when Travis liked Taylor’s posts. Are you telling me that wasn’t him? Can’t have it both ways.”

Another, “But I thought Joe was the “problem” but Travis a whole xenophobic Trump Supporter? Chile…”

However, there were also people in support of him liking the post. One wrote, “I always knew this man had MAGA energy but now we have proof.”

Another wrote, “So Travis Kelce liked a pic of Trump with an ESPN journalist and Reddit is having a meltdown over it. Meanwhile Travis and Taylor are dancing at Coachella. Stay mad weirdos.”

Another said, “Why is this a big deal? Let people have opinions.”

Another user, “Look around America, who wouldn’t support Trump at this point.”

One user explained it might be an “accidental like” or he might have liked it for “some other reason.” 

While the like on the post is taking the world by storm, it is not known why Kelce liked it and has not spoken anything about it so far. 

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