Why Is Wayne Gretzky Being Sued For USD 10 Million? All About Alleged Weight Loss Gum Lie

A gum manufacturer sued hockey icon Wayne Gretzky for millions of dollars, alleging that the former Edmonton Oilers player was misled about the gum's weight loss advantages.

Published on May 26, 2024  |  07:08 PM IST |  35.2K
Wayne Gretzky [Credit-Instagram@waynegretzky]
Wayne Gretzky [Credit-Instagram@waynegretzky]

Wayne Gretzky is being sued for $10 million in what has to be one of the strangest public lawsuits involving a well-known athlete in recent memory. He is accused of lying about reducing weight by chewing gum.

Why is Wayne Gretzky being sued?

According to court records acquired by TMZ, plaintiff Steven Sparks, who claims to have produced a "natural gum used to manage weight" known as "OMG gum," claimed in the case that he employed Wayne's wife, Janet, to sell his product.

Sparks adds, however, that things began to deteriorate after Wayne cooked up a falsehood about the product Janet was paid to sell, claiming he lost 35 pounds in two months by chewing the gum. Sparks believes Wayne created the deception to raise the company's shares, which Gretzky "surreptitiously purchased under his family's name," according to TMZ.

Sparks claims he subsequently committed more money and resources to the firm, not realizing Wayne was lying. However, after Wayne allegedly admitted to falsifying his findings from the gum, the company's price plummeted, leaving Sparks with millions in damages.

According to the court filings, BuChew, which was founded to promote and distribute OMG gum, employed Janet Gretzky in 2017 as a product spokeswoman.

According to the lawsuit, Janet asked Wayne for aid and "promised [Wayne] would personally use and endorse OMG gum."

Many other allegations charged against Gretzky

In 2018, Gretzky purportedly said he "chewed multiple pieces" of OMG gum on a daily basis and "loved" how it tasted before claiming he lost "35 pounds in six to eight weeks" while using the product.


According to the lawsuit, "on or around February 20, 2020, Defendant stated to Plaintiff that he ‘really did not lose 35 pounds.'" This statement was not communicated to those investors who had bought only because they believed 'OMG gum' had been approved by the 'Great One.'

Sparks further claims that Wayne and Janet conspired to remove him from BuChew while instructing the company's new executives to refrain from utilizing the former NHL player's picture or name to market the product.

As part of the grievance, Sparks is seeking $500,000 in attorney costs from Gretzky, with 10% interest.

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