From Euphoria To Dune; Top 11 Zendaya Movies And Shows To Watch Ahead of Challengers Release

Watch these top 11 movies and TV shows starring Zendaya ahead of the release of Challengers to appreciate her versatility as a powerhouse actress.

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Zendaya (Instagram / Zendaya)
Zendaya (Instagram / Zendaya)

With a list of iconic performances from Disney to Dune, Zendaya has conquered the world and become the talk of the town. At just 27 years of age, the Primetime Emmy winning actress has already tackled a highly impressive variety of roles. Her Disney Channel days have kept her fresh in our minds with Shake It Up and she also mesmerized us with her darker roles as Rue in Euphoria or Marie in Malcolm & Marie on Netflix. Her upcoming movie, Challengers is highly anticipated by fans worldwide and people can't stop talking about it.

What better time to binge-watch her smash hits than now? Here are the top 11 Zendaya movies and TV shows to watch before Challengers’ release.

Zendaya Coleman (Instagram / Zendaya)

11 Unmissable Zendaya Movies and Shows to Watch Before Challengers

1. HBO's Euphoria (2019-present):

Zendaya does an incredible job as Rue Bennett in this dark HBO drama series. Her portrayal of a young girl who is grappling with addiction has received widespread acclaim and earned her a Primetime Emmy Award, making Euphoria a must-see for Zendaya fans.


2. Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017):

In this installment of the Spider-Man series, Z plays Michelle “MJ” Jones, giving the beloved character her own unique twist. Embodying the iconic role of Spider-man's girlfriend previously played by veterans like Kirsten Dunst, and Emma Stone, must not have been easy. But Zendaya can never not slay. She stands out in the movie due to her chemistry with Tom Holland’s Peter Parker and her quick wit. We stan!


3. Malcolm & Marie (2021):

The movie features Zendaya starring alongside John David Washington in an artful black-and-white setting. Captured during the course of one tumultuous night between a filmmaker and his girlfriend, it sees a raw and emotionally charged performance from Zendaya that cements her position as one of today’s leading actresses.

4. The Greatest Showman (2017):

Despite being a supporting role, Anne Wheeler by Coleman leaves an indelible mark with her dazzling aerial acrobatics and touching scenes in this musical extravaganza. Meanwhile, she shares great onscreen chemistry with Zac Efron contributing depth to this romantic subplot in the film.

5. Dune (2021):

Chani is an enigmatic and mysterious character in this Dennis Villeneuve-directed sci-fi epic. Her role sets the stage for her expanded character arc in subsequent films, despite her limited screen time.

6. K.C. Undercover (2015-2018):

Sassy teenager plays a spy who also happens to be a normal student named K.C Cooper in this Disney sitcom that combines action and comedy with nice family moments revealing Zendaya’s adaptability as an actress.

7. Zapped (2014):

Imagine if you could control every boy using an app. Well, Zendaya can. She takes on the role of Zoey Stevens, a young girl who stumbles upon a supernatural app on her phone allowing her to control every boy in her life! Zoey's life takes unexpected turns as she begins using the app to control her pesky step-brothers, her stepfather, and even her crush. Zapped is packed with hilarious and heartwarming moments that'll leave you wanting for more.

8. Dancing With The Stars (2013):

 Being on the 16th season of this popular dance competition is not exactly an acting job but it exposes Zendaya’s extraordinary talent and charm to the world. Among other facts, her outstanding performances took her to the final round and proved that she could do everything in show business like no one else could.

9. Smallfoot (2018):

 Zendaya voices Meechee, a yeti who is questioning whether or not smallfoots are real in this animated musical comedy about skepticism and open-mindedness. Through her cheery disposition and lively attitude, the audience gets touched by humor mixed with warmth of this film


10. Shake It Up (2010-2013):

 Before she became popular, Z portrayed Rocky Blue in this Disney Channel sitcom that involves two best friends navigating the competitive dance world. The show featured the catchiest theme song by Selena Gomez, while Bella Thorne played her best friend. It was also a platform for starting Zendaya's career and showcasing her early gifts.

11. The OA (2016-2019):

This confusing Netflix show created by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij features a short but unforgettable group of characters including Z. Playing Fola, who is an unruly inmate at a strange institution, her presence makes the show more intriguing.

If you can't wait for the release of Challengers, watch these top 11 Zendaya movies and TV shows to appreciate her talent and versatility as a powerhouse actress, and public figure. Whether it is a heartbreaking drama or hilarious comedy, Z serves.

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