Paris Jackson Opens Up On Her Upcoming Music; Says 'What I'm Talking About Is A Lot Of Touchy Things'

Singer and actress Paris Jackon shares her honest thoughts on her upcoming music. Her new music will talk about a lot of ‘Touchy’ things.

Updated on Apr 18, 2024  |  07:43 PM IST |  66.9K
Paris Jackson (CC: Getty Images)
Paris Jackson (CC: Getty Images)

It seems Paris Jackson is all set to release her upcoming music. The 26-year-old singer, actress, and model recently appeared on Jade Lovine’s podcast named Live From Bed. She spoke about her new music and fans may find it interesting.

The actress’s recent performance in the Swarm series was liked by many people. It got everyone talking about her capability as an actress. Jackson played an unconventional role in the series, and her acting skills surprised many viewers. Similarly, many of her fans are surely expecting her to wow them with her highly anticipated upcoming music.

In the Podcast, Jackson, who is the daughter of the late Michael Jackson, revealed that her inspiration comes from the same place, that is pain or heartbreak or loneliness. Read ahead to know more about her music.

Paris Jackson touches more on her upcoming music and its possible impact on listeners

Jackson, when asked about the challenges she faced while writing or singing her new music said that none of it was necessarily hard as “it's my story,” she expressed.

She mentioned that her music may have a strong effect on some listeners because she has talked about a lot of ‘touchy things’.  She said that ‘the public’ as opposed to her friends will be most impacted by her new music, as all of her close friends know her story. She says, “I'm an open book with all of my friends.”


As revealed by the singer herself, her music will talk about her story, it seems her upcoming work may give more insight to her fans into the singer’s life. The singer released Bandaid and Hit Your Knees last year. Her fans are surely excited about her new music.


Paris Jackson’s collaboration with Linda Perry

Paris Jackson reflected on her collaboration with Linda Perry, who is a very well-known songwriter and music producer. She said that both of them decided to make something loud, fun, and a little more specific in her lyricism.

She said, “(Linda Perry) gives me a lot of s*** because most of my lyrics are very vague and sometimes fake deep, sometimes very Bright Eyes Conor Oberst.” She added, “Like, it's a very specific thing that I go for and she just (says), 'Be more specific with your words." She says that Perry asks her to be more specific as she can't understand what Jackson is saying. 

Jackson said that she hasn't decided on the release date for her upcoming work. She revealed on the podcast that she will release it “Ideally this year.”

Many of her fans are eager to see what is in store when it comes to the singer's new music.

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