Is Queen of K-pop BoA planning to retire soon? Singer-actor drops hint in cryptic social media update

BoA's recent cryptic social media post stirred speculation about her potential retirement from K-pop. Here's what happened!

Published on Apr 07, 2024  |  12:36 AM IST |  381K
BoA; Image Courtesy: BoA's Instagram
BoA; Image Courtesy: BoA's Instagram
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  • BoA hints at retirement in cryptic Instagram update
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K-pop icon BoA sparked speculation about retirement with a cryptic social media post. Fans initially deciphered her message as hinting at an exit from her managing agency, SM Entertainment, but confusion arose over the wording. BoA later clarified the misunderstanding, acknowledging a misspelling and affirming her intention to retire.

BoA hints at possible retirement in recent social media update

On April 6, K-pop icon BoA sparked speculation with a cryptic social media update that left fans questioning her future plans. The singer's Instagram story featured a puzzling statement: "Once the contract ends, I can leave, right??" Initially, many interpreted this as a hint at retirement or exit from her current managing label, SM Entertainment, causing a stir among her dedicated fanbase.

However, upon closer examination, it was revealed that BoA had actually written “(woon-twae)," a non-existent word in the dictionary. Some fans speculated it might have been a typo or an abbreviation related to leaving.

In a subsequent update, BoA clarified the confusion, admitting to a misspelling and confirming that she had indeed intended to use the word "retire."

This episode prompted discussions about BoA's future plans and her potential retirement from the industry. Earlier that day, BoA expressed gratitude to SHINee's Onew for a handmade keychain gift, suggesting a more lighthearted mood.


More details about BoA

BoA, born Kwon Bo-ah in 1986, is revered as the Queen of K-pop in the Korean entertainment scene. Discovered by SM Entertainment at age eleven, she signed with the agency after impressing scouts with her talents. Two years of rigorous training led to her debut album, ID; Peace B, at just thirteen. BoA then conquered Japan, becoming the first Korean pop star to gain traction with her album Listen to My Heart.

Her career spans various albums and acting roles in Korea and Japan. BoA's influence transcends music, fostering cultural exchange between Korea and Japan. She's earned numerous awards for her contributions, all while embracing challenges like breaking into the American market. BoA's legacy as a trailblazer continues to inspire artists and fans globally, solidifying her status as a K-pop icon.

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