ITZY unveils a colourful and poppy album spoiler for ‘CRAZY IN LOVE’

Published on Sep 20, 2021 06:16 PM IST  |  131.4K
ITZY Concept Photos; Picture Courtesy: JYP Entertainment
ITZY Concept Photos; Picture Courtesy: JYP Entertainment

ITZY released a spoiler video for their first full-length album 'CRAZY IN LOVE' and raised expectations for their comeback to the highest level. JYP Entertainment released the title song 'LOCO', 'SWIPE', 'Sooo LUCKY', '#Twenty', ‘Boombox’, 'Gas Me Up', 'LOVE is', 'Chillin' Chillin’, 'Mirror' ITZY A video containing the highlights of the new songs from the 1st full-length album was posted.

This video gives a fresh feeling by expressing the feelings of falling in love with colorful colors and unique graphics. Through the first full-length album, which was created under the big theme of love, ITZY is planning to aim at the music industry in the second half of the year and attract listeners with irresistible charm. The title song 'LOCO' is a song that expresses the strong attraction that was first felt in the style of Generation Z, and you can meet the new side of ITZY, who 'not hung up on love'. The hit song composition team Star Wars * (GALACTIKA *) is in charge of writing, composing, and arranging the lyrics, giving you a foreboding of the masterpieces that will represent 2021 following the debut song 'DALLA DALLA' in 2019 and 'WANNABE' in 2020.

'SWIPE' is a song that sends a warning message to someone who crosses the line. It features 808 drum beats, heavy bass, and melodic rap flowing over retro clarinet. Following the opening of a concept image with a free-spirited street mood, the music video will be released at 0 o'clock on the 27th. 'Sooo LUCKY' is a pop genre song with the lovely lyrics, "It's a miracle that you and I fell in love among billions of people." The funky guitar sound, cool bass, and positive energy add to the pleasant sound.

As the title suggests, '#Twenty' is a hip-hop genre song that unleashes the excitement and palpitations of having just turned 20 in ITZY's own style. It is an exciting song that compares the message 'Let's express yourself honestly and confidently' to the 'boombox', a representative item of millennials. 'Gas Me Up' is a song dedicated to the stage that filled the stage and the shouts that filled the stage and the stage that made ITZY what it is today and instilled confidence at the same time, while the lyrics saying that I was a little anxious just before going on stage, but believed in myself to do well and return. 'LOVE is' is a modern pop genre song with an impressive message that we grow a little more through complicated and difficult emotional love, and 'Chillin' Chillin', a song about the excitement of going on a trip away from ordinary daily life, is a song you can hear. This gives the impression of wanting to go somewhere. 'Mirror' maximized its charm by singing the warm message of 'I am already good enough as I am' with the emotional vocals of the members. ITZY is celebrating their comeback by preparing a promotion that increases the satisfaction of Generation Z. SNS Instagram and Facebook released the 'CRAZY IN LOVE' sticker using AR technology to express and enjoy free-spirited emotions.

Meanwhile, ITZY will release their first full-length album 'CRAZY IN LOVE' simultaneously around the world and make a comeback on September 24 at 1 pm (9:30 AM IST). At 12 pm, an hour earlier, 'ITZY #OUTNOW COMEBACK SHOW' will be held on Naver NOW. and the title song 'LOCO' will be performed for the first time.

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