My Liberation Notes star Son Suk Ku goes viral for singing the Barbie Girl song and fans can’t keep calm

Son Suk Ku who recently starred in K-drama My Liberation notes went viral on social media for singing the Barbie Girl song

Updated on Sep 02, 2023  |  03:57 PM IST |  761.5K
Son Suk Ku, credits- Son Suk Ku's Instagram
Son Suk Ku, credits- Son Suk Ku's Instagram
Key Highlight
  • Son Suk Ku was recently featured in a YouTube talk show
  • He went viral on the internet for hilariously singing Barbie Girl’s lyrics

Son Suk Ku is known for his K-dramas My Liberation Notes, D.P., and Big Bet. The actor recently appeared on the Psick Univ YouTube channel where he had a fun time interacting with the hosts. But one particular moment in the talk show went extremely viral thanks to Son Suk Ku’s hilarious delivery of the script.

Son Suk Ku goes viral for his version of Barbie Girl

In a recent episode of the show, Son Suk Ku, known for his roles in My Liberation Notes and Big Bet, was featured. During the episode, he discussed various topics with the host, including their first meeting at the Baeksang Awards, where the show won the title of Best Entertainment Show. Son Suk Ku mentioned that he is a fan of the host and even imitated the host's mannerisms. The segment then shifted to a discussion about his social media habits, where he clarified that he only follows people he has actually met in real life. This leads to a chaotic segment where they started following each other on social media and discussed the number of people they followed.

The actor also reflected on turning 40, the changes in his body, and the decrease in his confidence. He expressed a wish to go back to his 30s, highlighting the difference in energy levels. What captured the fans' attention the most was when they handed prepared scripts to the actor for him to read in the voices of the characters he played. He read various scripts in the personas of his characters from My Liberation Notes, Mr. Gu, and Kang Hae Sang in The Roundup. However, what gained the most attention from fans was when he was given a script to read in the voice of his character in Casino (Big Bet's Korean Name), Oh Seung Hoon. The script was the lyrics of Barbie Girl by Aqua. The way the actor read it with his humorously straight face made the clip go viral and grabbed the attention of viewers due to how hilarious it was. Many fans couldn't contain their excitement and took to social media to discuss the actor's hilarious segment.



Watch the episode with Son Suk Ku here.

What is Psick Univ about?

Psick Univ, which launched in April 2019, was founded by three comedians: Jung, Kim Min Su, and Lee Yong Ju. These comedians began their careers under the banners of KBS and SBS, major TV stations in Korea, and established themselves through their comedy shows. Having made their debuts in the mid-2010s, these entertainers bore witness to the rapid decline in TV viewership and comedy show popularity amidst the exponential growth of similar online content platforms.

Their YouTube channel, named after the Korean onomatopoeia for a giggling sound, pisik, initially featured university-related content series such as How People Handle Break-ups in University, Freshmen in Universities, and Seven Symptoms of Exam Period. Viewer reactions remained lukewarm until October 2019 when they uploaded hidden camera footage of a young man eavesdropping on two members of the Psick Univ crew, who were pretending to be North Koreans attempting to start a mukbang channel on YouTube. The video went viral thanks to the two comedians' spot-on portrayal of North Koreans and the innocent bystander trying to suppress his laughter while eating ramyeon next to them at a convenience store.

Since then, the channel has evolved to feature various famous Korean celebrities in a talk show format. Psick Univ has gained immense popularity among Korean netizens and K-pop idols alike. Renowned figures such as singer IU and Big Bang's Taeyang are known to be ardent fans of the channel. The show has hosted guests like BIBI, Eric Nam, Vernon, and Joshua from SEVENTEEN, and BTS' RM.

Watch the episode featuring BTS RM here.

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