Son Suk Ku chased away from Vincenzo's set? Jeon Yeo Been recalls funny incident with Be Melodramatic co-actor

Jeon Yeo Been revealed her Be Melodramatic co-star Son Suk Ku co-incidentally came around Song Joong Ki starrer Vincenzo's filming set in Gangnam and gave a hilarious moment..

Updated on Sep 08, 2023  |  09:00 PM IST |  1M
Son Suk Ku, Jeon Yeo Been (Photo Courtesy: Son Suk Ku's Instagram)
Son Suk Ku, Jeon Yeo Been (Photo Courtesy: Son Suk Ku's Instagram)
Key Highlight
  • Jeon Yeo Been shared a behind the scenes story from Vincenzo including Son Suk Ku
  • Son Suk Ku sent his support to Jeon Yeo Been while he was passing by on his bike

Jeon Yeo Been shared a behind-the-scenes story from Vincenzo about Son Suk Ku. On her recent appearance on a South Korean Variety show the Be Melodramatic star opened up about a funny yet adorable moment that occurred during the filming of the K-drama starring Song Joong Ki. 

Son Suk Ku chased away from Vincenzo's set? Jeon Yeo Been recalled a funny incident

On the latest episode of Jae Jae's MMTG released on September 7, actress Jeon Yeo Been, Krystal Jung, and Im Soo Jung appeared. All three actresses were there to promote their upcoming film Cobweb which is set to release this month. A Time Called You actress was speaking about the scene from Vincenzo where her character Hong Cha Young mocked the dancing style of her senior in front of all her colleagues. This is one of the iconic scenes from the show, however, nobody knew D.P.2 actor Son Suk Ku was near the filming scene at that time. Until she revealed that the actor was riding his scooter and was passing the set, so he tried coming in. He almost got chased away but a staff member recognized that it was Son Suk Ku and let him in.



He called out her name loudly and Jeon Yeo Been was surprised to see him there. He said, "I was just riding my electric kickboard and passing by and then saw Vincenzo's filming board… You are killing it". While the guests laughed, Jae Jae asked if that had happened to her before but she revealed it was the very first time an incident like that occurred. 

About Jeon Yeo Been and Son Suk Ku

Son Suk Ku and Jeon Yeo Been are known for their incredible acting skills and have made their name internationally through multiple Korean dramas and films. They were previously seen on screen together on the K-drama called Be Melodramatic where they played the role of a couple. Jeon Yeo Been portrayed the character of a CEO and a documentary director who has a persistent complex grief disorder. She is the only employee of her agency and sometimes hallucinates about her love interest (played by Son Suk Ku) who has passed away. 

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