Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's father hospitalized!

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's father Krishnaraj Rai has been hospitalized for the past two weeks now. Her husband Abhishek Bachchan has been with her throughout.
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Actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's father Krishnaraj Rai has been hospitalized for the past two weeks now. It was because of this, the actress cut short her Dubai trip, where she had gone to celebrate New Year's with husband Abhishek Bachchan and daughter Aaradhya.
While Aishwarya returned to Mumbai, Abhishek had to take off to New York for some work commitment. But he too returned to Mumbai earlier than scheduled given that his father-in-law isn't keeping well.
A source informs us, "Yes he has been in hospital for the nearly two weeks. Aishwarya is taking care of him despite her being alone as Abhishek was in New York for work. He just got back. Recently at Aaradhya's sports day, Aishwarya was seen cheering for the kids and her own daughter too. But simultaneously she was also keeping a tab on her dad's health."
A source from the hospital confirmed the news to us and added, "Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has been there constantly and managing Aaradhya and her father in hospital. Abhishek Bachchan too is present in the hospital and is being with Aishwarya throughout."


Aradhya looks just like aishwarya s father

get well soon

her parents are the only reason why Asihwarya is a success not just in professional but also in personal life. Get well soon, Mr.Rai..they are closest thing to anyhting "real" in Bollywood(I meant the Rai family not bachchan family).

All things aside, you cannot deny that she is completely family oriented.

As much as she acts over the top in the press conferences, I think aishwarya and abhishek are the closest thing to a normal family in Bollywood..and that speaks a lot about the parents on both sides.

Hope and pray he gets well soon, my thoughts are with the family.

Her father is a cancer survivor. Get well soon Mr. Rai

Aish's parents are very sweet.. Get well soon, Mr Rai..

so odd her father in hospital for 2 wks and press did not know. but every time they go to airport press is informed

there are set of press present at airports to click pics of ALL celebrities

Press is banned from going to the hospital?

Yes, hospital authorities DO NOT ALLOW press inside hospital and I am myself a doctor. PV post it

why does abishek have to go to ny for "work"? does he even work? he should just retire and be ghar jamai. ash earns enough plus his parents money to support him. no excuse to run away to ny while ash has to take care of the kid plus ailing father

Wish she showed the same care, respect and love for her in-laws.

How do u know she doesn't? Stop being bitter even when someone is ill.

Hope he is well. But it's saddening to read some anons talking ill about her family in such difficult times.

Get well soon !!!parents are very precious!!!

Why is it that it is big news she is managing her child. All women manage and juggle more than this with no help, Sheesh!

She is a big celeb and it's rare to see someone in Bollywood with so much family values. Obviously it will be big news.

Get well soon.

This story make like Aish's mother and brother don't do anything for her father.

Her mother and brother are not celebrities. Obviously this article will highlight about Aish.

Her mother and brother are not celebrities.

I read before somewhere that he is a cancer survivor. Hope he gets well soon.

Love ash every daughter should be like her, remember when Kareena grandma died some months ago her whole family her mum and sister did even speak of her to media. She was a n outcast as she was British.

its natural for any daughter. why make such a big deal? hope her father feels better soon

She is a superstar..knows her stardom... still she knows where her priority lies!!!Not like some trashy people who dresses up even when going to a hospital!!! wishing him a speedy recovery

he is doing well. thank God.

Hope he gets well soon..

I noticed Aishwarya was not to be seen recently at any event apart from Om Puris funeral. Sad to know this is the reason

This is what i love about Aishwarya. She is such a family woman. Hope her father will be ok soon.

The sad news, I hope that he will recover ..

wish him a quick recovery.

Prayers he gets well again

He is a cancer survivor I think so hope he is OK

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