Weight Loss: Try THESE no fail night time rituals to shed extra kilos

Weight Loss Tips: Today we have listed some super effective night time rituals that can boost your weight loss.
weight loss,Health & FitnessWeight Loss: Try THESE no fail night time rituals to shed extra kilos
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If you start a weight loss journey then you have to follow certain things such as a healthy diet as per your body requirements, custom workout regime, and stress management among others. However, there are some hacks that can be incorporated into your weight loss journeys such as intermittent fasting, calorie deficit and inclusion of fat-burning foods among others. Slimming down can feel like a task, as there are a lot of factors that need to considered apart food and workout. For instance, you have been not sleeping well then the same can negatively impact your weight.

Today we are talking about certain night-time tweaks that can help weight watchers. With the help of these easy to follow and effective before-bed time tricks you should be able speed up your weight loss or go past your weight loss plateau. Make sure to follow this before-bed routine and give that very much booster to your weight loss regime. Aside from these tips, don't forget to follow the diet, workout, and other weight loss must-dos to lose fat or maintain a healthy weight. 

1. Protein shake before bed

As per a study which was conducted by Florida State University, drinking protein shake in the evening can actually aid in weight loss. The researchers concluded that participants who consumed 150-calorie protein shake 30 to 60 minutes before bed showed better metabolism, lower blood pressure, and better metabolic function.

2. Total blackout is a must

Do you use cellphones, tabs, or laptops during bedtime? Then let me tell you that exposing yourself to gadgets or any type of light at night can disrupt your sleep. Even a dim light! As per research by the Journal of Biological Rhythm, if your room is bright invest in blackout curtains, break your habit of sleeping with the TV and cellphones on or e-reading.

3. Plan your next day at night

Those who plan lead in life so why you are not planning and succeeding when it comes to weight loss? Plan your next day's breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner in advance so that you don't end up eating anything. Set reminders of next to-dos about your meditation, yoga, and other stuff. During morning fog it is hard to remember and have the motivation, so better plan at night.

4. Keep your room cool

As per a study, researchers found that young male volunteers who slept in rooms cooled to 66 degrees F doubled their volumes of brown fat aka good calorie-burning fat, compared to those who slept in 75 degrees F rooms. So, make sure to turn the AC on.

5. Don't forget to set your alarm

As per the study of Brigham University, women volunteers who woke up within roughly the same hour-long window each morning weighed less than those who woke at different times. Not just weight gain, a two-hour difference can also increase the chances of other health issues including heart disorders and cancer. 

If you don't sleep enough then you will be hungrier and end up eating unhealthy foods the next day. So, make sure you go to bed on time as well to clock in the required amount of sleep before you get up the next morning on time.

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