5 Signs that show if you are just a backup option for your partner

Zilch interest? Cancelled plans? Always too busy? Here are 5 tell-tale signs to know if you are just a backup option for your partner.
5 Signs that show if you are just a backup option for your partner
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While we all feel that either there is love or there isn’t, it’s not that simple. There is always something called a backup option. Although it is always sensible to have a backup plan in life, it can be a little cruel to have someone as your backup option, especially when they are not aware of it.


If you have fallen for someone, but sometimes feel that that person isn’t giving you their full time and attention, then you might be just their backup option. When they keep stringing you along and don’t really commit or invest in the relationship, then you are the backup option. Here are some signs that tell you that you are just a backup option for them.

You haven’t met their friends or family

If you are important to them, then they will introduce you to their loved ones. However, if you are not even sure that they exist, then chances are that you are a backup option.

Always too busy

Whenever you text them or want to meet up, you get the response of them being busy. This is a classic sign that you are not on their list of priorities.

They are never there for you

Whenever they need you, you are always on their beck and call; however, when you need them, they always have some excuse up their sleeve.

You haven’t discussed the future

Chances are that if you are the backup option, then they will always avoid talking about the future with you because they have not visualised a future of you two together.

Cancelled plans

Remember when you got all dressed up, and they ditched you last minute? This is a sign that they do not care about you and only need you when it is convenient for them.

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