Fred Vassuer Takes A Brutal Dig At Toto Wolff After Ferrari Continuously Outshines Mercedes: ‘28 Seconds Behind Charles Leclerc’

In the aftermath of the Emilia Romagna GP, Ferrari's Fred Vasseur took a sharp dig at Mercedes, highlighting their struggles as Charles Leclerc finished 28 seconds ahead of Lewis Hamilton.

Published on May 21, 2024  |  05:01 PM IST |  52.4K
Key Highlight
  • Fred Vasseur’s sarcastic jibe at Mercedes
  • Need for speeding up upgrades
  • Ferrari set to face tough competition ahead

In the aftermath of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, Ferrari's Team Principal, Fred Vasseur, didn't hold back in his assessment of Mercedes' performance. Despite Mercedes' legacy of dominance in Formula 1, Ferrari showcased their prowess at Imola, with Charles Leclerc finishing the race a staggering 28 seconds ahead of the highest-running Mercedes driver, Lewis Hamilton. Vasseur's comments came as a sharp dig at Mercedes' struggles to keep up with the pace set by their competitors.

Fred Vasseur’s sarcastic jibe at Mercedes

When asked about Mercedes' progression during the post-race interview, Vasseur flung out a sarcastic jibe, highlighting the gap between Mercedes and Ferrari. He remarked, "They were 28 seconds behind Charles at the end of the race, so yes, I think they got a little closer."

Ferrari's performance in the Emilia-Romagna GP established their resurgence in the Formula 1 circuit. Currently standing second in the constructors' championship standings, Ferrari has been a formidable force with one win and seven podium finishes so far in the season.

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Vasseur's comments come amidst growing frustration at Mercedes, with the team struggling to keep up with the pace set by Ferrari and other top contenders. Mercedes' team principal, Toto Wolff, faces mounting pressure to address the underlying issues with their design concept.

Need for speeding up upgrades

While acknowledging Ferrari's strong performance, Vasseur also called for speeding up the development of upgrades to maintain their competitive edge. Despite their promising showing, Ferrari missed out on a win on their home soil in Imola, signaling the need for continued improvement.


Despite Mercedes' struggles, Vasseur remains confident in Ferrari's progress and their ability to challenge for victories. With Ferrari closing in on the fight for victories and Red Bull in their sights, the team is focused on maintaining its momentum and pushing for success.

Ferrari set to face tough competition ahead

Looking ahead, Ferrari faces a series of tough races, with the Monaco Grand Prix next on the agenda. With Red Bull and McLaren emerging as strong contenders, Ferrari aims to perform better in both qualifying and the main race as the intense battle for the F1 title heats up. With Mercedes struggling to match their pace, Ferrari aims to capitalize on their strengths and continue their pursuit of championship glory.

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