LaMelo Ball Gets Sued by Family After Allegedly Driving Over 11-Year-Old’s Foot at Fan Event: Report

LaMelo Ball is being sued by a family after allegedly driving over an 11-year-old's foot at a fan event. The lawsuit highlights a potentially serious incident involving the NBA star. Read more

Updated on May 22, 2024  |  10:16 AM IST |  102.4K
Image Courtesy: Twitter
Image Courtesy: Twitter

A North Carolina mother, Tamaria McRae, is pursuing a lawsuit against Charlotte Hornets' star player, LaMelo Ball, and his team, alleging that the player hit her son with his car during a botched autograph hunt.

The lawsuit, which was filed on Tuesday, alleges the incident took place in October 2023 on a day the team was hosting a fan-centered event, "Purple and Teal Day at the Hive," at the encased Spectrum Center in downtown Charlotte.

McRae recalls being at the arena's employee exit with her son, Angell Joseph, then 11 and now 12, when Ball drove out in his SUV. On arriving at a nearby traffic light and drawing Joseph and other fans towards himself, she claims Ball saw Joseph standing next to his car. 

She accuses him of carelessly driving off when the light turns green, hitting her son without any prior warning, and causing severe injuries. McRae alleges that her son's idol, Ball, fled the scene without a moment's pause.

Cameron de Brun, McRae's lawyer, confirmed Joseph suffered back and foot injuries from the incident.

McRae's claim suggests the collision resulted in significant physical and emotional pain, particularly as it involved a player her son idolized.

The lawsuit is aimed at claiming damages exceeding $25,000. The Hornets have avoided commenting on the issue, whereas Ball's agent has yet to respond to a comment request.

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Lamelo Ball's lucrative contract: A look at his salary and extension with the Hornets

After joining the Hornets in 2020, point guard LaMelo Ball has been lighting up the NBA with a sensational performance. His exceptional play on the court won him the Rookie of the Year title in 2021 and the adoration of fans.

LaMelo Ball, although having already inked a five-year extension with the team, is in the fourth year of his initially signed rookie-scale contract.

This deal, signed on November 30, 2020, was valued at $35,596,275 for four years, with an annual salary of approximately $8,899,069 and $16,071,720 guaranteed at the time of signing.

The Hornets chose to activate the two club options in LaMelo Ball’s rookie deal, and for the current NBA season, he will receive a base salary of $10,900,635, also serving as his cap hit and dead cap value.

LaMelo Ball's Salary Breakdown

Current Salary: $10,900,635

Salary Per Month: $908,386

Salary Per Week: $227,097


Salary Per Game: $132,935

Salary Per Quarter: $33,234

Salary Per Minute: $2,769

From the 2024–25 season onwards, LaMelo Ball’s five-year extension worth $204,450,000 with the Hornets comes into play. This substantial contract guarantees him a handsome $40,890,000 per year.

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