LeBron James Gets Called ‘Sensitive’ by Kendrick Perkins for Unfollowing Him After Heated Social Media Clash

Kendrick Perkins slams LeBron James as 'sensitive' for unfollowing him after a social media clash. Click to read more about the heated exchange.

Updated on Jun 11, 2024  |  09:36 AM IST |  41.1K
Image Courtesy: Twitter
Image Courtesy: Twitter

In this Monday's episode of ESPN's First Take, Kendrick Perkins ramped up his ongoing feud with LeBron James, again fiercely criticizing the star player publicly. Despite the NBA Finals vying for the public's attention, Perkins made sure that his dispute with the Los Angeles Lakers star remained in the spotlight.

Recently, Perkins has been increasingly vocal about LeBron, accusing him of trying to monopolize attention during the NBA Finals. Perkins lambasted James for eclipsing the playoffs, branding the four-time MVP as overly "sensitive" in responding to criticism. But the tension didn't end there.

“Think about the fact that you unfollowed me on Twitter, but you’re still compelled to watch me on TV daily because I’m not disappearing anytime soon,” said Kendrick Perkins. 

“Firstly, I perceive that LeBron James has become overly touchy in the last few weeks, perhaps responding to my criticisms or comments on things he disagrees with like Darvin Ham's sack or Lakers' coach hunting, or even discussing the Bronny James situation concerning the draft.” 

Perkins expressed his disenchantment stemming from his past public defenses of James.

On Monday morning, ESPN dedicated a full ten-minute section to the Perkins-LeBron conflict, thrilling fans who love the drama.


Perkins seized this opportunity to comment on LeBron's recent appreciation of his ex-teammate Kyrie Irving, which was shared shortly before the commencement of the first game of the NBA Finals between the Dallas Mavericks and Boston Celtics.

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Kevin Durant vs. Kendrick Perkins drama intensifies as NBA Finals shift to Dallas

As the NBA Finals head to Dallas, the drama between Kevin Durant and Kendrick Perkins escalates. The spat began when LeBron James, drawing attention to NBA Twitter, unfollowed Perkins on social media and possibly heeded a digital duel. Uprkins retorted on X upon LeBron's move, eliciting Durant to mock the former Boston Celtics hero.

As a reaction to LeBron's unfollowing news, Big Perk reacted on X, stating under an @theNBAalert post, “Everybody didn’t follow Jesus... I’ll be okay.”

Durant, on the other hand, ridiculed Perkins' comparison of his situation to that of Christ's struggles. KD responded to an Instagram post from Overtime featuring Perkins' comment, saying, "Dude thinks he's Jesus. Haha."


Perkins immediately responded to Durant, criticizing his ability to understand. KP clarified that he "never" likened himself to Christ, thereby ending speculations about his remarks.

Nonetheless, Durant continued to poke fun at Perkins' Jesus comparison, dismissing Perkins' declaration that he didn't liken himself to Jesus.

What remains to be seen is whether Perkins will respond to KD's sneer or choose to end the dispute. However, Perkins did expose the reason behind his dispute with his friend and former teammate, LeBron James.

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