‘LeBron James on That New Juice’: Lakers Star Accused of Using Steroids in Shocking Allegation by Kevin Garnett

LeBron, currently in his 21st season, continues to amaze us with his exceptional skills on court. Interestingly, Kevin Garnett has his own theory about what fuels LeBron's incredible performances.

Updated on Apr 22, 2024  |  06:55 PM IST |  554.7K
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Lebron James and Kevin Garnett

The NBA as a league is going through a tough time with players involved in accidents, domestic violence, and social media theatrics. However, a shocking statement by Kevin Garnett about LeBron James being involved with performance-enhancing substances has turned heads around the world.

Although LeBron James has a clean drug test record throughout his NBA career, Garnett alluded to James' potential involvement in the Biogenesis scandal, a revelation that has reignited the controversy.

Lebron James and Kevin Garnett

Unpacking the Allegations

In an open discussion with Paul Pierce, Garnett alluded to the controversy surrounding the Biogenesis wellness clinic and speculated that LeBron James may be taking steroids. This Miami-based clinic was well-known for giving athletes performance-enhancing drugs.

Even though LeBron has never tested positive for drugs, records that suggested his associates were connected to Biogenesis were discovered last year. LeBron was cleared after a DEA investigation, and the matter did not get worse in the mainstream media, even though it was still a subject of conjecture on several internet forums and social media sites.



Even though LeBron got a clean chit from the DEA, Deadspin, and the DailyMail published information about James' name showing up in the documents.

The Lakers star may not have had anything there, and it doesn't appear that other outlets have questioned him about it.


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Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce

Peyton Case and LeBron’s Investigation by DEA

It always looks bad when your name or the names of close friends, family members, or associates are associated with PED use.

When Peyton Manning was mentioned in an Al Jazeera investigative report in 2015 that suggested he had allegedly received Human Growth Hormone (HGH) from an anti-aging clinic in Indianapolis, the story brought him to the attention of PED users. Later, Manning would refute the accusations.

Peyton Manning

In the world of sports, people tend to get really serious when someone drops a bombshell like KG did. To be fair, James has never, as far as we are aware, been officially charged with anything or failed a drug test.

During the 2013 Biogenesis probe, the DEA investigated the matter and found James not guilty.

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