Lewis Hamilton’s Parents - All about Anthony Hamilton and Carmen Larbalestier

All you need to know about Lewis Hamilton’s Parents Anthony Hamilton and Carmen Larbalestier.

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Carmen Larbalestier, Lewis Hamilton and Anthony Hamilton

British Formula One driver Sir Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton is presently a member of the Mercedes Formula One team. He has now tied Michael Schumacher's record with seven Formula One World Championship victories.

Young Lewis Hamilton began his career at McLaren in 2007 as Fernando Alonso's co-driver, winning two world championships.


Lewis Hamilton

In only his second season with McLaren, Lewis defeated Felipe Massa of Ferrari by a mere point in 2008 to win his first championship. Lewis Hamilton made a career-defining decision in 2012 when he chose to join Mercedes and leave McLaren. Lewis would go on to win six more titles while racing for the German team.

Hamilton was born in Stevenage, England on January 7th, 1985. When he was just ten years old, he made history by becoming the youngest driver to win the British Cadet Karting Championship. It's impressive to think that he started racing at the tender age of eight. Showing his incredible skills, this British driver went on to win the GP2 championship in 2006, proving that his talent was unmatched even at a young age. Lewis Hamilton continued to break records when he became the youngest driver to win a championship in 2008.


Lewis Hamilton

Who are Lewis Hamilton’s parents?

The parents of the British Formula One racer, Anthony Hamilton and Carmen Larbalestier, were the ones who motivated him to follow his racing dreams from a young age. Lewis got his first taste of go-karting at the age of 3, thanks to Anthony, and by the time he was 8, his father gifted him a second-hand go-kart.

After Lewis won his first British karting championship at the age of ten, his parents, who had divorced when he was two, decided he should move in with his father so he could concentrate on his racing.

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Anthony Hamilton, Lewis Hamilton and Carmen Larbalestier

Lewis Hamilton’s parents had a very early divorce

For most of Lewis’s life, his parents have been separated: Anthony and Carmen ended their marriage in 1987 when Lewis was only two years old. Carmen believes that their marriage fell apart due to having different aspirations in life.

Tony aspired to be successful, and Carmen reportedly stated, "I wanted the quiet life, and that put a barrier between us," as reported by The Sun. "I couldn't imagine myself leading such a hectic, busy life."

The Formula 1 champion has consistently agreed with Carmen's assertion that their breakup "didn't damage Lewis," and the former model has continued to have a good relationship with her ex-husband.

According to The Sun, Carmen stated, "Lewis was the best thing to come out of my marriage." "Compared to if we had stayed together in an unhappy marriage, he is probably better off."

Anthony Hamilton has another son

Shortly after splitting from Carmen, Anthony started dating Linda Hamilton, a coworker at British Rail. After their eventual marriage, Linda raised Lewis as her stepmother.

Anthony and Linda had a son of their own in 1992 and they named him Nicolas. According to Lewis' autobiography, Nicolas was born two months early and was given a cerebral palsy diagnosis when he was a toddler.

Anthony, Nicolas and Lewis Hamilton

Lewis was introduced to go-karting by his father

Lewis was first introduced to go-karts and the racing world by Anthony. Lewis was taken to Ibiza by Anthony and Linda for a summer vacation in 1988 when he was just 3 years old. Lewis recalled in his autobiography Lewis Hamilton: My Story, that they took him to a small "kiddie" kart track while they were there, and that's when he fell in love.


He wrote, "It was amazing." "As soon as I got in a kart, I knew I was going to enjoy it."

When Lewis was five years old, Anthony gave him a remote-controlled car, which he used to race on the weekends at neighborhood clubs, helping to nurture that love. Within a year, Lewis was outperforming adults, winning racing club awards, and making an appearance on BBC to demonstrate his skills at racing toy cars.

My dad worked multiple jobs: Lewis Hamilton

In his autobiography, he stated, "My dad and my family have made more sacrifices than you would believe."

Among these sacrifices were Anthony's many jobs, his home's remortgage, and their allocation of savings to Lewis' racing.

In November 2020, Lewis said to PEOPLE, "My dad, he never went out. He never wore brand-new apparel. He didn't have any savings for a new purchase. Go-karting required everything, including numerous mortgage refinancings, which may sound absurd.”

Lewis and Anthony Hamilton

Lewis fired his father from his manager's role in 2010

In January 2023, Lewis talked candidly about the choice to let go of his father on the On Purpose podcast. He disclosed that his father found it "difficult" to show him love or affection because of their working relationship. The Formula One champion continued by saying that when it came to making decisions, he and his father had "bumped heads."

Lewis stated on the podcast, "I decided to part ways with my dad to make decisions for myself. There was a while we didn't talk as much."

But in the end, their professional separation aided in the reconciliation of their father and son.

Lewis and Anthony Hamilton

Lewis changed his name to honor his mother

Lewis declared in 2022 that he would honor his mother, Carmen, by changing his last name. Despite being well-known to the world as Lewis Hamilton, he disclosed at the 2022 Dubai Expo that he intended to adopt Larbalestier, his mother's maiden name, as his own.

Hamilton remarked at the occasion, "I'm proud of my family's name," according to Sky Sports. "I'm about to add my mother's name, Larbalestier, to my name; none of you may know that."

Carmen Larbalestier and Lewis Hamilton

Carmen attended Lewis’ knighting ceremony

Carmen has seen her son win numerous Formula One championships, but in December 2021, she was present at Windsor Castle in London when Lewis received his knighthood from then-Prince Charles. 


Lewis received the prestigious honor for his outstanding achievements and contributions in his field when he equaled the record for the highest number of Formula One championships previously held by retired German race car driver Michael Schumacher.

Lewis is only the fourth Formula One driver to receive this distinction, according to the racing body. After the ceremony, Carmen proudly posed for pictures with her newly knighted son.

Carmen Larbalestier and Lewis Hamilton

Lewis credits his father, Anthony, for his success

Since he was a young child, Lewis has aspired to be the greatest Formula 1 driver, and he believes that his father Anthony has helped him along the way. Lewis made this statement to Complex in 2016.


"People see me winning these championships, but I think the real story is that father-son, or son of a parent, story that so many people can relate to because we did it as a family," Lewis stated in a 2020 interview with PEOPLE.

Anthony and Lewis Hamilton

"He's the real hero, but I get to stand on top of the podium at the end," Lewis further stated.

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