‘Most Protected Team’: Fans Call Out NBA for Jaylen Brown’s Common Foul on TJ McConnell

NBA fans react with outrage as Jaylen Brown's controversial foul on TJ McConnell sparks heated debate over officiating in Game 4.

Published on May 28, 2024  |  11:10 AM IST |  58.5K
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JB called for a foul

In Game 4 between the Indiana Pacers and the Boston Celtics, a contentious incident occurred involving Jaylen Brown's foul on T.J. McConnell. With 7:23 left in the game, McConnell secured a rebound and was unexpectedly struck in the face by Brown. 

McConnell suffered a hard fall and remained on the ground for a brief period. The NBA referees deliberated on the situation and ultimately deemed it to be a common foul. 

However, fans seem to be enraged by the referees’ decision for not calling it as a flagrant foul. Dejected by the outcome, the Pacers fans seemed to bash out the NBA for favoring Celtics and ignoring the Pacers for some odd reasons.

One of the vigilant Pacers fan wrote: “The NBAs most protected team”

Additionally, it was no surprise that the supporters would react with their discontent over the ordeal as the social media post saw a couple hundred comments within hours. 

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How Is Technical Foul Different From Flagrant Foul? All You Need to Know

In the NBA, the distinctions between technical, flagrant 1, and flagrant 2 fouls are pivotal in determining the severity of player conduct and potential repercussions. 

A technical foul can be administered for various infractions, encompassing violations committed by a team, player, or coach. This includes actions such as delay of game, excessive celebration, or using profanity. 


When called, the opposing team receives a single free throw, and possession reverts to the team in control at the time of the foul. Additionally, if a player or coach accumulates two technical fouls in a single game, automatic ejection follows.

On the other hand, a Flagrant 1 foul is attributed to contact against a player, with or without possession of the ball, that is assessed as unnecessary. Two free throws are awarded to the opposing team, along with possession. 

Furthermore, each Flagrant 1 foul contributes to a player's personal foul tally, with an expulsion resulting if two Flagrant 1 fouls are committed in the same game. In contrast, a Flagrant 2 foul denotes contact against a player, also with or without the ball, interpreted as both unnecessary and excessive. 

The same consequences apply in terms of two awarded free throws and possession, but a player who commits a Flagrant 2 foul is immediately ejected from the game.


The significance of these distinctions in the playoffs cannot be overstated, as the accumulation of technical and flagrant foul points can lead to player fines and suspensions. Specifically, a player faces a one-game suspension in the playoffs upon accumulating three flagrant foul points, with Flagrant 1 fouls amounting to one point each and Flagrant 2 fouls to two points. 

Notably, the NBA commissioner retains the authority to impose fines up to $50,000 for technical fouls, adding an additional layer of severity to these disciplinary actions.  

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