Simone Biles’ Gymnastics Community Comes to the Rescue of NFL Husband Jonathan Owens After Relentless Trolling

Simone Biles' husband, NFL player Jonathan Owens, receives strong support and defense from the gymnastics community against persistent online trolling.

Published on May 28, 2024  |  08:01 PM IST |  49.4K
Simone Biles Comes to the Rescue of NFL Husband Jonathan Owen (PC:Twitter)
Simone Biles Comes to the Rescue of NFL Husband Jonathan Owen (PC:Twitter)

Simone Biles, the renowned gymnast, has been facing the negative side of the internet lately. There has been a continuous stream of online hate directed towards her husband, Jonathan Owens, who is an NFL safety.

Haters use cruel words, such as "Simone and what’s his name again," "Who’s that guy?" and "Leave him, sis," which have deeply affected the proud wife. Even though she has repeatedly pleaded to diminish the negativity, these trolls can't be stopped. 

Simone Biles' Community Rallies Behind Jonathan Owens

The gymnast recently claimed victory at the Core Hydration Classic 2020. Like always, her husband came to cheer her on, but the unwanted criticism came along with him. Bile made a triumphant seasonal comeback at the event. However, she could not focus on her winning streak due to the constant hate. 

Finally, she decided she has had enough of the online abuse targeting her husband. In a firm message to her followers, she warned everyone, saying, “If you keep commenting or tweeting at me, I’m just going to block you. Simple as that.” This seemed like a strong warning that resonated with many. This led to a recent attack on Owens, which was met with a strong defense from Biles’ supporters.

In one particular instance, a social media user belittled Owens. The troller refers to Biles as "the submissive provider they all dream about" while describing Owens disparagingly. The user, going by the handle Anthrophile, tweeted, "An uber-successful woman, who shrinks herself and thinks her nothing male is the prize? A dream girl for sure." This tweet, which contained contrasting meanings and continued the trend of criticizing Owens, did not sit well with Biles’ fans.


Several fans rose to defend the couple, emphasizing Owen's accomplishments and financial success. As per available data, Owens' career earnings have reached approximately $3,246,072. Not only that, his recent signing with the Chicago Bears will bring him an additional $4,750,000 over two years. 

This amount includes a signing bonus of $750,000, a guaranteed amount of $1,500,000, and an average annual salary of $2,375,000. In his first year with the Chicago Bears, Owens is set to earn a base salary of $1,310,000. Continuing with additional bonuses and cap hits. He will remain a free agent until 2026, potentially attracting even larger sums in the future.

One user, defending Owens, pointed out his millionaire status, asserting, "He’s [Jonathan Owens] a millionaire on his own." Another fan, Lowkey E, echoed this sentiment by highlighting Owens' recent $4.7 million contract. In response to Anthrophile's tweet, Lowkey E wrote, "Lmao, wtf are you even talking about?? Her man just signed a 2-year 4.7M contract. How is she providing for him?? Y’all just be on here talking to talk.."


Support for Biles and Owens continued to pour in. Another user, Jason, criticized the so-called feminists who were dragging Biles for defending her husband, stating, "Yall miserable. It’s all ‘feminism is about freedom of choice’ till a woman’s choice doesn’t align with yours. Why are so-called ‘feminists’ dragging a fellow woman for asking people to respect her husband?"

The gymnastics community protects Jonathan Owens From Trolls

Biles' fans rallied around her and Owens, recognizing the unfair treatment they were receiving. One defensive tweet asked, "What did she do to y’all? Like I get it, the optics of their relationship seem centered on him, and y’all have commentary on that and how it’s not the way you want to live. Cool, but why not just say that?? Why insinuate things about ppl who want to live differently than you?" 

Another user echoed this sentiment, expressing amazement at the ongoing discourse surrounding Biles and Owens: "I’m amazed at the discourse still surrounding her and her husband. They haven’t done anything to anyone."


This latest exchange of tweets and the strong defense from Biles' fans seem to have had a positive impact. On one hand, Biles continues her journey toward the Paris Olympics, and on the other, Owens looks forward to starting his new chapter with the Chicago Bears. The pair can find some solace in the support they have received. 

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Biles’ determination to stand up for her husband, despite the challenges, showcases her unwavering love. The couple can now move forward, knowing they have a loyal fan base ready to shield them from negativity. Let us know in the comment what you think about Biles’ reaction, especially how her supporters stood for her.

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