Skip Bayless Questions LeBron James’ ‘Clutch Gene’ While Comparing Him With MJ and Kobe Bryant 

The Los Angeles Lakers faced criticism all over after their loss to the Denver Nuggets. Skip Bayless has now come out to call LeBron James as lacking genes to convert the trailing quarter into victory

Updated on Apr 25, 2024  |  09:03 AM IST |  62.5K
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Skip Bayless did not skip on LeBron James

Ever since the Los Angeles Lakers lost to the Denver Nuggets, the debate continues to outgrow the absolute best level of gameplay orchestrated by the former. From NBA analysts to die-hard basketball fans, each one of them was drawing their own narrative for the LeBron James-led side.

Similarly, it was all bright and cheerful for Skip Bayless, who kept on praising Bron for the playmaking till the time came when he missed the final shot for a three-pointer. 

Known for hardly having a word siding with the Lakers All-Star, Bayless said, “Everybody says you bang on LeBron too much, and I'm going to bang on him again because he deserves it this time. He did some all-time great things in this fourth quarter. The bigger picture is they were up 20 with, what was it, ten minutes to go in the third quarter.”

The analyst questioned LeBron’s scoring prowess in the last leg of the game and added, "They were up ten going into the fourth quarter. And that's when LeBron had to hit the back-to-back threes. I've said from the start that he just doesn't have the clutch gene. He doesn't have the closer gene. This is a closer’s game.”



Additionally, Bayless later reshared his post on X where he made comparisons between Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Magic Johnson, and these greats could have converted the ten-point lead to victory.

“If you give Magic Johnson a 10-point lead, he’ll get the game. If you give Kobe the lead, I promise you he’ll get the game home. MJ, I know he'll win it,” Bayless added.

However, it was LeBron who got the most criticism for missing an unguarded three-pointer chance where he was just able to make the ball touch the rim before bouncing back to the Nuggets.

Just in the split seconds, the ball was passed to Jamal Murray and what he did next would surely give the Lakers big man, Anthony Davis, many sleepless nights.

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LeBron James is Still Performing Decent

At 39 years of age, LeBron James might be playing his last few games, and he is doing pretty well on the basketball court. He is scoring an average of 25.7 points, making 8.3 assists, and grabbing 7.3 rebounds per game this season, showing that he is still a top player in the NBA. 

The Lakers really need him to keep their offense going smoothly because they don't have many other good players to rely on.

If the Lakers don't do well in the playoffs and possibly get eliminated quickly, there could be big changes to the team, and LeBron might think about his future in the NBA. The team is hoping to win the upcoming games, especially against the Nuggets, and they need the fans' support. These games are crucial for LeBron and the team, as they could determine how his career in basketball ends.  

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