Top 7 most Ridiculous Moments In NFL History

Relive the most outrageous, bizarre and downright ridiculous moments in NFL history, from improbable catches to unsavory fan antics and out-of-control player meltdowns.

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Relive the most outrageous, bizarre and downright ridiculous moments in NFL history.
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The National Football League has provided fans with countless thrilling games, legendary players and unforgettable moments over the decades. 

However, among the epic catches and championship-winning drives are some truly bizarre, outrageous occurrences that have to be seen to be believed. Let's take a look back at the most ridiculous NFL moments in recent memory.

Kwan Williams’ Cheek Interception

Coming in at first on this list is Kwan Williams' improbable "cheek interception" during a 2021 game between the Steelers and Vikings. 

As the pass came floating in, Williams leapt up and somehow snatched the ball perfectly between his rear end cheeks. 

Despite the unorthodox and uncomfortable technique, the cornerback managed to come down with the pick without the ball hitting the turf. It was certainly one of the most unusual interceptions ever seen on a football field.

Tom Brady's Sideline Stalker 

In a cringe-inducing moment, a fan somehow got ahold of Tom Brady's used water bottle on the sideline during a game. The fan shockingly proceeded to lick and put his mouth on the bottle in a disgusting display caught on camera. 

Fans everywhere were appalled at the unsanitary act involving the personal item of the NFL's biggest superstar.

Ben Roethlisberger's Windy Surprise 

Now we travel back to 2021 when Ben Roethlisberger was standing on the sidelines during a game. Out of nowhere, the Steelers quarterback suddenly recoiled in apparent shock and disgust after seemingly being passed wind on by one of his own teammates in a very strange caught-on-tape moment.


Hurricane Can't Miss a Kick

One of  most ridiculous NFL moment occurred in 2005 when a hurricane blew through the Houston area during a game between the Texans and Steelers. 

As the Texans kicker attempted a field goal, the powerful winds swept the football nearly sideways as soon as it was struck. The kick never had a chance, providing one of the most bizarre "bad beats" ever thanks to Mother Nature.

Justin Jefferson’s "Catch of the Year" Lives Up to Name

This was probably one of the greatest and most improbable catches in playoff history. During a 2022 Vikings-Saints matchup, Justin Jefferson made an unbelievable grab on 4th and 18 to keep Minnesota's drive alive. 

The Vikings QB launched a deep bomb down the sideline that Jefferson leapt and snatched with his fingertips while being interfered with, somehow getting both feet down for the jaw-dropping catch.

"You Get a Football to the Face!" 


One NFL player celebrated scoring a touchdown in a very strange way - by literally throwing a football directly into an unsuspecting man's face on the sideline. 

As the player ran around fired up after the score, he suddenly pegged the football straight into the guy's face for no apparent reason. It was one of the most bizarre, unsavory celebrations ever seen.

Player Goes "Beast Mode" in Crazy Meltdown 

Another  most ridiculous NFL moment saw a player absolutely lose his mind and go into "beast mode" during an on-field fight between teams. 

As a scuffle broke out between players, one player became an absolute maniac, aggressively shoving multiple people to the ground in a wild, out-of-control meltdown. 

The unhinged display of overwhelming aggression and lack of self-control was simply astonishing to witness.

From improbable plays to cringeworthy fan antics and out-of-control player meltdowns, the NFL has seen more than its fair share of bizarre moments over the years. 


These are the kinds of ridiculous occurrences that leave fans stunned and quickly become a part of league lore for their unbelievable and unforgettable nature.

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