Travis Kelce’s Raunchy Video With Ex GF Kayla Nicole Resurfaces, Leaving Fans Divided: ‘With Taylor for Clout’

Taylor Swift fans are divided over a resurfaced raunchy video of Travis Kelce with his ex, Kayla Nicole, sparking claims that he's "with Taylor for clout."

Published on May 29, 2024  |  06:31 PM IST |  435K
Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift (PC:Twitter)
Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift (PC:Twitter)

Travis Kelce recently found himself at the center of a social media storm. An old video featuring him and his ex-girlfriend, Kayla Nicole, resurfaced. The video shows the pair in a racy interaction at the beach.

The video has amassed over 1.5 million views and sparked many mixed reactions from fans. The Spun brought the video back into the limelight and ignited a buzz on social media. Some fans found the video offensive and expressed their disappointment in Kelce. 

Travis Kelce's Old Video with Kayla Nicole Stirs Controversy

However, others defended Kelce, as the video is an old one. One fan said, “I’m crying he with Taylor for Clout.”

Another fan commented via Cowboy Jay on X, "And he left her, got with Taylor, and never looked back. Not sure this is the Flex some may think it is."

This statement references Kelce's current relationship with global superstar Taylor Swift, which began during the 2023 NFL season.

Kelce and Swift's relationship has been a subject of great interest, especially given Kelce's high-profile past with Kayla Nicole. The NFL star and Nicole dated on and off for five years. It started in early 2017 after a meeting through Instagram DMs, according to Skyer Caruso of People.

Despite their long history, both Kelce and Nicole have moved on. But they seemingly left discussions of their previous relationship behind. However, fans are not as quick to let go. 


The resurfaced video prompted a variety of comments, some of which were aimed at stirring up controversy. "And he kissed Taylor right in front of her in the stadium. Now what?"

One fan pointed out, while another remarked, "Taylor doesn't need to act like this cuz she made a name for herself."

Despite the divisive reactions, many people felt the backlash was unwarranted and argued that spreading the video was unnecessary. One fan wrote, "LMFAOOO everyone is freaking out over a 6-second video of TK licking his ex-girlfriend's stomach on the beach. GROW UPPPPP yall are ridiculous."

They added in a reply, "Stop posting about it and stop spreading it. It's an old video and that relationship has ended."

Interestingly, the resurfaced video also reached individuals who were previously unaware of its existence. As a troll said, “he used to be so fine then got ugly once he went to date white women.”


As Kelce and Swift focus on their current relationship, people will continue to scrutinize their past interactions.

Kelce and Swift, both at the pinnacle of their respective careers, are no strangers to public attention. While they may prefer to concentrate on their relationship, the relentless nature of social media ensures that their past actions remain subjects of the public eye.

For Kelce, the scrutiny is nothing new. As a prominent NFL player, his life has always been under the microscope. His relationship with Nicole was widely followed by fans and the media alike. Their on-and-off relationship was a frequent topic of discussion. The video in question, therefore, is just another piece of his past that has come back to haunt him. Someone said, “Sweet tooth always come back.”

On the other hand, Taylor Swift is no stranger to media scrutiny either. Her relationships have always been highly publicized, and her romance with Kelce is no exception. The couple's every move is analyzed, and their relationship is constantly compared to their past relationships. However, here she was tagged in the video, which made her fans comment, “THE TAGGGG??? Your messy”


The resurfacing of the video has also brought attention to the way society views and judges relationships, especially those involving celebrities. The video, which is a private moment between two people, has been taken out of context and used to create controversy. This raises questions about privacy and the ethical implications of sharing and commenting on private moments. While Kelce's actions in the video are being scrutinized, Swift is also being dragged into the controversy. 

Travis Klece Is Getting Support From Taylor Swift’s Fans

Despite the controversy, many fans support Kelce and Swift and believe that the past should be left in the past. They argue that everyone has a history and that it is unfair to judge someone based on a moment from their past. These fans have been vocal in their support, calling for an end to the negativity and respect for the couple's privacy.

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Thus, the resurfacing of the video featuring Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole has sparked a mixed reaction from fans. It highlighted the ongoing challenges that celebrities face in the public eye. Despite the controversy, Kelce and Swift remain focused on their relationship, and many fans continue to support them. Let us know in the comments what your thoughts are about the video. 


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