Untold OJ Simpson Battery And Sexual Assault Allegations From His USC Days Surface After NFL Star's Death

Two days after O.J. Simpson's death, a potential victim came forward sharing her stories which according to her stayed behind the curtains because she signed an NDA.

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Image Courtesy: Getty
Image Courtesy: Getty

Trigger Warning: This article contains mention of death and physical assault.

O.J. Simpson died on April 10, 2024, and less than a week after his death, another reported victim came forward. A Twitter user is going viral on the internet for claiming made NDA signed by O. J. Simpson's lawyer. 

Another Reported Victim Recently Came Forward To Share Her Story

Nicole Minet, who goes by the username of @mouvement33 has recently made a tweet, which is going viral on the internet. In the tweet, Nicole starts off by saying that she has been waiting for 29 years to tell her story about O.J. Simpson and she is telling it now because O.J. is no longer alive. 

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Nicole reveals that she signed an NDA when she was "working in Topping Student Center on campus in 1995." In early 1995, according to her, Robert Kardashian and Robert Shapiro came to his desk and said that they had an appointment with her boss. 

"After they left I looked at my boss like wtf was that all about!? He walked me outside and we sat by the old sprawling big tree outside Topping and my boss lit a cigarette for the first time in years and told me I had to sign an NDA because I could confirm OJ's lawyers were there for a meeting. Then he told me what the meeting was about," she wrote in her tweet.


Nicole said that before O.J. Simpson graduated from USC, there were two blonde girls that Simpson dated and universities paid off after they went to LAPD to report being battered. Minet says that one of the girls was also assaulted but the school protected OJ considering how he's "going far in football."

During that time, OJ was in custody and his infamous trial was in the discovery process. Robert Kardashian, per Nicole, made sure that these stories "never saw the light of the day." According to her, "a large check was written, given to my boss, and they left."

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The statement by Nicole Minet came two days after O. J. Simpson's death. So far the tweet has got about 10 Million views but despite that, there is no proof that the story holds any truth behind it. Neither, there's no proof that it's fake. What's your take on this?  

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