When NFL’s Tyreek Hill and F1’s Pierre Gasly Compared Their Lightning-Quick Reflexes

During last year's Miami Grand Prix, Dolphins’ Tyreek Hill met F1 racer Pierre Gasly, and they decided to challenge each other in a tennis ball reaction drill.

Published on May 27, 2024  |  08:50 PM IST |  39.2K
Tyreek Hill (Credit: Getty Images)
Tyreek Hill (Credit: Getty Images)

Last year, during the Miami Grand Prix in May, Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill engaged in a friendly contest with F1 racer Pierre Gasly to test their reflexes. 

Hill is one of the fastest players in the NFL, which has earned him the nickname “Cheetah”. While Hill has given tough competition to Gasly, it appears that his reflexes are somewhat behind compared to Gasly's.

How Hill performed in the drill

Gasly presented Hill with a “tennis ball reaction drill,” commonly used to train drivers and warm up their reaction times before races. In this exercise, one person holds two tennis balls and drops them at random, while the other person must catch the ball before it hits the ground. Although the drill may seem straightforward, it demands peripheral vision and lightning-quick reflexes, essential characteristics for any racer.

A stark difference emerged in Hill's performance compared to Gasly's. While Hill managed to catch the ball every single time, he occasionally struggled to do so smoothly. Meanwhile, when Gasly undertook the test, he effortlessly snagged the ball in a fraction of a second each time, demonstrating why he's an F1 racer. His remarkable reflexes showcased his talent and underscored that Hill’s reflexes can't quite match his own.

What this test reveals about Hill’s reflexes


When a video of them taking the test surfaced on social media, opinions on Hill’s performance during the drill were divided. Some praised him, while others criticized him, especially as Gasly made it appear effortless.

Even though Hill performed subpar compared to Gasly, it doesn't cast doubt on his reflexes as an athlete. This test serves as a reminder that F1 drivers and NFL athletes undergo different training regimens. They each apply their reflexes and reaction times differently in their respective sports. Gasly spends hours sitting in a car during races, primarily using his hands, arms, and shoulders. Conversely, Hill needs to engage his entire body during gameplay, running across the field and positioning himself to make plays. 

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