Why Josh Hart Called Philadelphia Fans ‘Idiotic’ for Reacting to Villanova’s Celebration? Know More

A congratulatory tweet from the Villanova basketball account, which inadvertently ignited an uproar amongst Philly fans, got handled by Josh Hart with grace. The Knicks' players defended the school.

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Josh Hart for the rescue

Josh Hart expressed strong disapproval towards Philadelphia fans, who reacted negatively to a celebratory post on X from the Villanova basketball account congratulating former players. 

The school’s official X/Twitter account poured in their congratulations to Jalen Brunson and Donte DiVincenzo on their success with the New York Knicks, and the Philly fans were not having it.

Hart, a former Villanova player himself, defended the bond shared among the Villanova community, and he bashed off the comments on the post, calling them ‘idiotic’.

When asked about what’s the rage among fans for a school basketball team’s account, Har said, “So for Philly fans to be mad about that, I think that’s idiotic. That’s who we are. We’re a family. We played for the ones that come before us there, and that’s how it is there. So I don’t care about it.” 

Josh Hart also emphasized the bond that goes beyond the game of basketball. He earlier said: “That’s a bond that goes deeper than where you’re from or who you’re rooting for or whatever. Like, we have a bond there that goes beyond basketball, that goes beyond any of that stuff.



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The Post Received Rage from Philadelphia Fans

Ever since the congratulatory tweet was posted, fiery comments have started to pull off the post. Many Philadelphia fans questioned the roots of the school and disregarded it as a Philly school as they rooted for their old-time boys with flowers. 

Additionally, there were a large number of fans calling to take the tweet down immediately, and for such a futile tweet to garner so much attention is quite unique in itself.

Plus, not to forget, moving forward, that Villanova is located just 25 miles away from Philadelphia. And Brunson and DiVincenzo had national titles for Villanova, along with Josh Hart. 

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