WWE Wrestler Salary 2024 - How much do WWE Wrestlers make?

Here's everything you should know about WWE salaries, including details about the highest paid wrestlers and much more!

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Image Courtesy : WWE photo gallery
Image Courtesy : WWE photo gallery

WWE, also known as World Wrestling Entertainment, is currently the largest professional wrestling company globally. In April 2023, the previous chairman and owner of WWE decided to sell the company to Endeavor Group, which happens to own UFC, the biggest mixed martial arts promotion.

In September 2023, Endeavor Group revealed their plans to merge WWE and UFC, creating a powerhouse in the world of combat sports.

Image Courtesy : WWE

TKO Group Holdings is the new name for the partnership between WWE and UFC, with a total value of around 14.81 Billion Dollars.

WWE's roster includes over 250 active professional wrestlers and personalities across WWE NXT, SmackDown, and Raw.

WWE wrestlers showcase their skills weekly, following their roles and storylines. The company also organizes major pay-per-view events nearly every month.

WWE is renowned for treating its wrestlers well and compensating them fairly in comparison to other wrestling organizations. Today, we'll delve into the salaries of WWE wrestlers in 2024.

Image Courtesy : WWE

Highest Paid WWE Wrestler 

Some sources claim that Brock Lesnar is the top-earning WWE wrestler, raking in $12 million per year as of 2024. In addition to his base salary, he also receives pay-per-view bonuses, a share of merchandise sales, and various perks from hotels, jets, and more.


However, now WWE is cutting ties with Brock Lesnar after his involvement in the Vince McMahon lawsuit came to light.

Apart from Brock Lesnar, John Cena, who works part-time in WWE, still receives a huge paycheck. He earns a base salary of $8.5 million per year.

Roman Reigns, the reigning Universal Champion, is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with. He secures his spot on the list and rakes in a cool $5 million as his annual base salary.

The electrifying return of The Rock to WWE has also earned him a prestigious position on the TKO Group board of directors. Whether he's performing in the ring or making appearances, The Rock commands a hefty $5 million base salary.

As for the highest-paid female WWE superstar, that title goes to Becky Lynch in 2024. She takes home a solid base salary of $3 million.

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Image Courtesy : WWE

How much do WWE Wrestlers make?     

Some sources claim that Brock Lesnar is being offered the highest base salary of $12 million by WWE, while the lowest reported salary in WWE is $250,000. Wrestlers' pay can fluctuate based on their participation in weekly shows. Additionally, WWE stars receive a percentage of the sales from their merchandise at WWE Shops.

Generally, women professionals are paid less than men's WWE superstars. The highest-paid WWE female superstar is Becky Lynch. She gets a base salary of $3 million.

Image Courtesy : WWE

WWE Wrestler Salary 2024 

Professional Wrestler  Salaries 
Brock Lesnar 12 Million
Roman Reigns 5 Million
The Rock 5 Million
Randy Orton 4.5 Million
Triple H 3.6 Million
AJ Styles 3.5 Million
Goldberg 1.6 Million
Becky Lynch 3 Million
The Undertaker 2.5 Million
The Miz 2.5 Million
Stephanie McMahon 2.5 Million
Kevin Owens 2 Million
Dolph Ziggler 1.5 Million
Sheamus 1 Million
Shane McMahon 1 Million
Jinder Mahal 900,000
Kane 900,000
Charlotte Flair 600,000
Drew McIntyre 550,000
Sasha Banks 550,000
Bianca Belair 500,000
Alexa Bliss 350,000
Asuka 350,000
Liv Morgan 250,000

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Who is the highest paid superstar in WWE?
The highest paid superstar in WWE is Brock Lesnar

How much is Roman Reigns' salary?
Roman Reigns gets base salary $5 Million yearly

How much does John Cena earn?
John Cena is second highest paid WWE star he gets $8.5 million base salary

What is the lowest salary in the WWE?
Lowest salary in the WWE is $250,000 as per reports

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