Delicious In Dungeon Episode 16: Kabru To Finally Meet Laios; Release Date, Where To Watch And More

Delicious In Dungeon Episode 16 is on the horizon, promising more surprises as Kabru, Shuro, and Laios finally meet up. Don’t miss the episode; find out the release date and more details here.

Published on Apr 16, 2024  |  07:19 PM IST |  80.2K
Ryoko Kui, Studio Trigger, Netflix
Delicious in Dungeon [Ryoko Kui, Studio Trigger, Netflix]

The Delicious In Dungeon anime adaptation continues to captivate audiences with its unique storyline. After being introduced to several new plot points, including Laios's surprising talent for magic and revelations about elves' involvement in dark arts, the upcoming episode promises to be just as entertaining.

The much-anticipated confrontation between Kabru, Shuro, and Laios' parties is finally coming up, so don't miss Delicious In Dungeon Episode 16. Keep reading to find out the release date and more.

Delicious in Dungeon [Ryoko Kui, Studio Trigger, Netflix]

Delicious In Dungeon Episode 16: Release date and where to watch

Delicious in Dungeon Episode 16 is set to premiere in Japan on Thursday, April 18, 2024, at 10:30 pm JST. Remember that the exact release time may vary depending on individual time zone differences.

Viewers in Japan can catch the latest episode of the series on Tokyo MX. For international fans, Delicious in Dungeon Episode 16 will be available for streaming exclusively on Netflix, with both subbed and dubbed versions releasing simultaneously.

Delicious in Dungeon [Ryoko Kui, Studio Trigger, Netflix]


Expected plot of Delicious In Dungeon Episode 16

In Delicious In Dungeon Episode 16, the focus is likely to shift back to Kabru's party as they continue their journey through the dungeon alongside Laios's old party member, Shuro, and his new companions. As Kabru's party holds a grudge against Laios, Episode 16 may see Kabru's party finally confronting Laios's group, leading to a potentially intense encounter filled with revelations.


While the confrontation unfolds, fans can expect to learn more about the circumstances surrounding Falin's mysterious disappearance after encountering the sorcerer. Delicious In Dungeon Episode 16 may delve into the events that led to Falin's absence, shedding light on her whereabouts and the challenges she may face on her own.

Delicious in Dungeon [Ryoko Kui, Studio Trigger, Netflix]

Delicious In Dungeon Episode 15 recap

Titled Dryad; Cockatrice, Delicious In Dungeon, Episode 15 picks up where we left off in the previous episode, where Laios and his companions are facing the challenge of escaping the city within the dungeon. Suddenly, the group feels the earth shake, and Marcille speculates that the dark elf they previously met is responsible for the changes in the dungeon's layout.

Chilchuck attempts to investigate further by climbing a wall but spots numerous flying monsters in the area and decides against it. Laios attributes the increased presence of creatures to the defeat of the Red Dragon, which meant the group was in trouble.


Chilchuck detects a sweet scent, leading Laios, Chilchuck, and Senshi to encounter Dryad Flowers, plant-like humanoid monsters. A confrontation ensues, resulting in Laios and Senshi suffering from hay fever due to exposure to the Dryad Flower's pollen. Chilchuck teams up with Senshi after Laios is unable to fight, and the two engage, fight the creatures, and win. The party harvests the monsters' fruits and eats them for the first time in a while.

Meanwhile, Marcille wishes to mend her broken staff, which is significant to her and tries using a dryad twig to fix it. As the group regroups, Marcille expresses her desire to teach Laios magic, believing it would benefit their survival. Laios grapples with the idea, as he isn’t sure if it will work out. In the background, after Chilchuck questions why Senshi covered his eyes when they met the Dryads, Senshi imparts some unconventional wisdom to Chilchuck regarding the birds and the bees.

Later, Marcille guides Laios in practicing healing magic, though Laios is very reluctant. However, After encountering a Cockatrice, Marcille falls victim to the monster's venom and turns to stone. The group franticly searches for a cure to reverse her petrification and tries all sorts of remedies. Laios finds a spell that might return Marcille to normal, and in the end, she turns back, though they don't know exactly what did the trick.


Delicious In Dungeon Episode 15 concludes with Marcille and the others eating a dish using the Cockatrice's meat, as Marcille complains about being used as a fermentation weight.

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