Demon Slayer Season 4 to cover Hashira Training arc and rumored to be the shortest season

The Hashira Training arc is around the corner, fans are excited to find what the season will include this time around. With lesser material to adapt, there might be a shortage of episodes. Read on.

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Key Highlight
  • Demon Slayer Season 4 will cover the Hashira Training Arc from the manga
  • The makers announced the new season in June 2023

It is not unusual for anime to have multiple story arcs. In fact, this is a very common practice in the world of anime. As for Demon Slayer Season 4, this is one of the most anticipated seasons. Back in June 2023, the new season was officially announced. Not only in Japan, the series has been able to get an audience in the West as well. But now, there seems to be a lot of confusion about the number of episodes the next season will have. This is because of how short the Hashira Training arc is. Well, here is everything to know.

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Demon Slayer [Youtube]

Demon Slayer Hashira Training Arc

The Hashira Training Arc is the tenth story arc in Demon Slayer. It picks up right after the events of the Swordsmith Village Arc where Tanjiro and the team have come fresh out of battle. This storyline deals with the Stone Hashira, namely Himejima. This time around, Tanjiro must undergo intense training in order to become a Hashira himself. Some even say that he was in the initial stages of his training. Thus, he might as well be the weakest Hashira. Nonetheless, the training shall help him in the fights to come against Muzan and his demons. 

Here, the stone Hashira will be the one training him for the battles to come in the future. According to Game Rant, the previous season, the Swodsmith Village arc ended up using Chapter 98 to 127 for 11 episodes. Before this, the Entertainment District Arc had a total of 11 episodes that used 30 chapters. And Mugen Train movie uses 13 chapters for one movie. Talking about the Hashira training Arc, it covers a total of 8 chapters in the manga. Following the previous pattern, this season is rumored to be the shortest one. 


While it has not been confirmed as of yet, fans have a lot of theories about the upcoming season. Some suggest that the season might as well be a movie just like the Mugen Train arc. Only time will tell what the makers are planning. As of the time of writing, the makers have not confirmed the final release date of the new season. Netflix is expected to air the new season much like the other ones.

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