God’s Game We Play Episode 3: Release Date, Where To Stream, Expected Plot, And More

Fay and Leshea aim to secure their tenth win for the coveted 'Celebration.' Find out more about their thrilling journey ahead in God’s Game We Play Episode 3! Everything you need to know.

Published on Apr 13, 2024  |  05:35 PM IST |  128.9K
Sazane Kei, Liden Films, Crunchyroll
Gods' Games We Play [Sazane Kei, Liden Films, Crunchyroll]

God's Game We Play Episode 3 is sure to continue the exhilarating God’s Games as Fay and Leshea strive to get ten wins under their belts to receive the ‘Celebration.’ With humanity’s goal within sight, Fay must now win 6 more games with Leshea to bring her back to God’s Realm of Elements. Find out what happens next in the upcoming episode and keep reading for the release dates, where to stream, and more!

Gods' Games We Play [Sazane Kei, Liden Films, Crunchyroll]

God’s Game We Play Episode 3: release date and where to stream

God's Game We Play Episode 3 is scheduled to be released on on Monday, April 15, 2024, at 9:30 pm JST. The anime will broadcast on Tokyo MX, Sun TV, KBS Kyoto, and AT-X in Japan, and will be available on the d-Anime Store as well. Viewers worldwide can access the latest episode on Crunchyroll on the same day, about an hour after its release, depending on the site’s upload speed.

Gods' Games We Play [Sazane Kei, Liden Films, Crunchyroll]


Expected plot of God’s Game We Play Episode 3

We will likely see another God’s Game take place in God's Game We Play Episode 3, before which Fay and Leshea may strategize for their next challenge. Given the nature of the series, we may see a more malicious game take place in the next episode as well.


However, it is also possible that the series will continue to be similar No Game, No Life, in that the games will be enjoyable—at least for Fay and Leshea. Meanwhile, we may see more conditions about the Celebration reward revealed in God's Game We Play Episode 3, given that Leshea herself is a god and may have insider knowledge.

Gods' Games We Play [Sazane Kei, Liden Films, Crunchyroll]

God’s Game We Play Episode 2 recap

God’s Game We Play Episode 2 was titled Playing God and started as Meep explained some of the rules of the God’s Game named ‘Hide-and-God-Seek,’ which had more than one lose condition. The God Titan began his chase after the humans, and the episode cut to the opening song. A flashback then took place, depicting the events ten minutes before the God Titan appeared, where Meep and the other players discussed the game. Fay figured out some of the rules, but not all of them were revealed.

In the present, after the group runs away from the God Titan, Asta ends up getting hit. Half of her body turns red, and she begins attacking her teammates. Fay realizes that being hit by the God Titan means turning over to their side, and that touching the part of the body that hadn’t turned red would bring the player back to the humans’ side. Utilizing this strategy, Fay and Leshea corner Asta and bring her back to normal. Asta goes to hide, while Fay and Leshea move towards the other players. Catching up to them, they come to the realization that all 15 of the other humans have been turned, and the two begin to run away again.

As the two converse in a department store after fleeing, Fay realizes the third game that was hidden within Hide-and-God-Seek—they were playing Reversi, with human players as ‘white’ pieces and the God Titan’s pawns as the ‘black’ pieces. The two split up the captured players, with Leshea leading seven players away while the rest chased after Fay. Fay runs to the rooftop, confronts the god Titan, and explains that he understood the game. In the meantime, Leshea works with Asta to turn the players she leads back to the humans’ side. By the time Fay finishes explaining, the humans have won the God’s Game, and the God Titan acknowledges this feat.


After leaving Elements, Fay meets Miranda in her office, and they discuss the ratings and viewership count of the last God’s Game. After this, Fay meets Leshea in her room, and they discuss Fay’s wish for the celebration, the reward given to the human who wins ten God’s Games. God’s Game We Play Episode 2 closes as Fay tells Leshea about his mentor, whom he only remembers by her hair.

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