India Calling Me Now Manga: Listed on Manga Planet India; Plot & More to Know

India Calling Me Now Manga, the story of the experiences of two women from two completely different life spheres, is now available for the readers in India. Here's how you can access it. READ.

Published on Apr 17, 2024  |  10:41 PM IST |  56.7K
Image Credit- Terako Shima, Kodansha, JICA
India Calling Me Now Manga [Image Credit- Terako Shima, Kodansha, JICA]

India Calling Me Now manga presents a unique storyline rarely seen in the manga space. Since its initial release, the manga hasn't been available in digital format. However, the wait for its digital release has finally ended. This week marked the update of the manga's availability in the digital space. Here's how you can access this story by Terako Shima.

India Calling Me Now Manga [Image Credit- Terako Shima, Kodansha, JICA]

India Calling Me Now Manga: Available to Read Digitally

As reported by PR Times, Kodansha's manga app Palcy launched the India Calling Me Now manga. This unique story explores the life and struggles of Taname Kanazawa, an aspiring manga artist in India. Supported by JICA, the story sheds light on cultural exchanges and gender dynamics, both similar and different in India.

This week, following its initial launch, it was reported that the manga would be available in the digital space. The manga is set to debut on Manga Planet in India, starting this week. It's already live and ready to be read by the audience. With six chapters, it's available for digital purchase, starting at ₹99 for the cheapest one-month subscription.


What is the Plot About?

As mentioned by IGN, the manga delves into the life story of Natsume Kanazawa, a 28-year-old manga artist. The story begins when her boyfriend suggests that they visit India and explore the country before getting married.


In India, Natsume encounters another woman. Here, she meets a local girl who expresses frustration at societal expectations for women. Despite their cultural differences and language barriers, the two women connect and share common experiences.

With this, the story explores the journey of these two women. All the latest updates about the manga will be added to this section as they come. Keep an eye on Pinkvilla for more intel on the same.

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