Kengan Omega Chapter 257: Kure Raian Officially Returns; Release Date, Expected Plot, And More

Kengan Omega Chapter 257 is on the horizon! Kure Raian's epic return is sure to bring about more action packed fight, so find out the upcoming chapter’s release date and more.

Published on Apr 16, 2024  |  04:43 PM IST |  83.6K
Yabako Sandrovich, Daromeon, Ura Sunday, Comikey
Kengan Omega [Yabako Sandrovich, Daromeon, Ura Sunday, Comikey]

With Kure Raian's return sure to send shockwaves through the Kengan Association, anticipation is at an all-time high. The mystery surrounding Raian's agenda deepens and is sure to give fans promising twists and intense fights. Don't miss out on the action-packed chapters ahead as the world of Kengan Omega continues to unfold. Find out Kengan Omega Chapter 257’s release date and more here!

Kengan Omega [Yabako Sandrovich, Daromeon, Ura Sunday, Comikey]

Release date and where to read Kengan Omega Chapter 257

Following the manga's usual weekly release pattern, Kengan Omega Chapter 257 is scheduled for release on April 18, 2024, at 12:00 PM JST as confirmed by Comikey. For international readers, this typically means a release on April 17, 2024, depending on their time zone.

To access Kengan Omega Chapter 257 and stay up-to-date with the series, readers can visit Shogakukan's Ura Sunday or Comikey, the official platforms for Kengan Omega manga releases. While subscription fees may apply, these platforms offer high-quality translations and consistent updates on the latest chapters.

Kengan Omega [Yabako Sandrovich, Daromeon, Ura Sunday, Comikey]


Expected plot in Kengan Omega Chapter 257

In Kengan Omega Chapter 257, the aftermath of Willem Wu's defeat at the hands of Kure Raian will likely unfold, with more people learning of Kure Raian’s return. With Willem Wu's defeat at Raian's hands, news of the Kure clan member's resurgence is bound to spread, potentially sparking speculation and concern among various factions within the Kengan Association. Raian may seize the opportunity to advance his agenda within the Kengan matches, potentially setting the stage for further confrontations.


Meanwhile, attention may also shift back to the ongoing developments involving Ohma and Ryuki. As key players in the Kengan matches, their roles in the unfolding plotline are crucial. Ohma and Ryuki's quest for greater strength could intersect with Raian's return, especially if their paths cross or their objectives align in unexpected ways in Kengan Omega Chapter 257.

Kengan Omega [Yabako Sandrovich, Daromeon, Ura Sunday, Comikey]

Kengan Omega Chapter 256 recap

In Kengan Omega Chapter 256, titled Messenger, the intense battle between Willem Wu and Kure Raian reaches its climactic conclusion. The chapter opens with Raian dismissing Otakemaru as a mere tool, declaring his ability to fight without reliance on a weapon. Meanwhile, Willem strategizes, contemplating his stamina recovery and analyzing the potential outcome of the battle. Confident in his Superhuman Syndrome and Guihun's 100% release rate, Willem initiates the rematch with Wu Clan's Ultimate Technique: Thirteen-Fold Kill.

As Willem launches his assault with the powerful technique, Raian catches him off guard with a surprising counterattack. The two engage in a fierce exchange, culminating in Raian unleashing the devastating Kure Family Tradition: Depth Charge technique, cracking Willem's ribs and inflicting severe damage. Despite his injuries, Willem attempts to grapple with Raian, only to discover his opponent's overwhelming strength as he is effortlessly thrown back.

In a desperate bid to turn the tide, Willem reaches for Otakemaru, hoping to wield the formidable nodachi against Raian. However, he is met with the realization that the sword is too heavy for him to wield effectively. Raian taunts Willem, revealing the exceptional weight and unique balance of Otakemaru, making it nearly impossible for an inexperienced wielder to utilize it effectively.


As Willem struggles to lift Otakemaru and mount a counterattack, Raian swiftly seizes the opportunity, reclaiming the nodachi and delivering a decisive blow. In his final moments, Willem comes to a startling realization — Raian did not overpower him but skillfully manipulated the point of force, akin to the Connector, Shen Wulong. Raian delivers the finishing strike, leaving Willem to die, and bids the man farewell with some cryptic parting words.

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