Kingdom Chapter 790: Will Ousen Emerge Victorious? Find Out The Release Date, Expected Plot And More

Ousen's unwavering resolve faces Shibashou's might as Seika advances. Find out the release date and other details of Kingdom Chapter 790.

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Yasuhisa Hara, Studio Pierrot, Crunchyroll
Kingdom [Yasuhisa Hara, Studio Pierrot, Crunchyroll]

Despite seeing the incredible strength of Shibashou and the threat he poses, Ousen has remained resolute, declaring his intent to emerge victorious in the face of Seika’s advance. As tensions reach a crescendo, the stage is set for a gripping confrontation between the two, with the fate of the war hanging in the balance. Find out when the Kingdom Chapter 790 will release with its answers, where to read it, what to expect, and a recap of the previous chapter in this article.

Kingdom [Yasuhisa Hara, Studio Pierrot, Crunchyroll]

Kingdom Chapter 790: Release date and where to read

With its enthralling storyline, compelling characters, and consistent quality, Kingdom has amassed a devoted fan following, and anticipation for each new chapter continues to soar. The highly anticipated release of Kingdom Chapter 790 is scheduled for March 7, 2024.

Thankfully, accessing Kingdom and keeping up with the latest chapters is incredibly convenient. You can find Kingdom Chapter 790 on Weekly Young Jump, a trusted and legitimate manga reader platform that offers access to manga content. Fans eager to delve into the latest developments in the Kingdom universe should mark their calendars and visit Weekly Young Jump on the release date to stay in the loop.

Kingdom [Yasuhisa Hara, Studio Pierrot, Crunchyroll]

Expected plot in Kingdom Chapter 790

In Kingdom Chapter 790, there will be an intense standoff between Ousen and Shibashou as both commanders prepare for a decisive clash. Despite Shibashou's overwhelming martial prowess and the pressure mounting on Ousen's forces, Ousen was shown to remain resolute in his ability to emerge victorious.


Riboku, recognizing the critical juncture of the battle, may unveil a strategic masterstroke aimed at turning the tide in his favor. Meanwhile, Yotonwa's advance towards Hango castle continues to loom large, adding another layer of complexity to the unfolding narrative. As the conflict escalates, the fate of key characters will likely hang in the balance in Kingdom Chapter 790.

Kingdom [Yasuhisa Hara, Studio Pierrot, Crunchyroll]

Kingdom Chapter 789 recap

Picking up where the previous chapter left off, Kingdom Chapter 789 continues with Riboku receiving a report on Yotonwa's army advancing towards Hango castle. Analyzing the situation, Riboku directs his focus toward attacking Ousen rather than engaging Yotonwa directly. As they strategize, news arrives that General Kansaro of Seika has joined the battle at Ousen's side, prompting discussion on the unusual concentration of commanders in one location.

Meanwhile, on the battlefield, Akou's army successfully breaks through and heads towards Ousen, but Shibashou's forces move even faster, closing in on Ousen's position. Despite urging his comrades to retreat, Ousen steadfastly refuses, placing his trust in his guards to defend him against Shibashou's advance. With determination, Ousen declares that victory or defeat hinges on their actions.


As Shibashou effortlessly pushes forward with his martial prowess, the Seika soldiers rally around him, intensifying the pressure on Ousen's forces. In a surprising turn, Shibashou finally reaches Ousen, only for Ousen to defiantly proclaim that he will emerge victorious, as he had anticipated.

The chapter ends with the tension mounting as the clash between Ousen and Shibashou reaches its climax, setting the stage for a decisive confrontation in the tumultuous conflict.

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