Komi Can't Communicate Chapter 449: Release Date, Where To Read, Expected Plot And More

The upcoming Komi Can't Communicate Chapter 449 promises further developments in the preparations for the Culture Festival's ramen stand. Find out about the chapter’s release and more here.

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Tomohito Oda, OLM, Netflix
Komi Can't Communicate [Tomohito Oda, OLM, Netflix]

The highly anticipated Komi Can't Communicate Chapter 449’s release is just around the corner and fans can’t wait for the chapter to drop. Fans can more preparations for the ramen stand at the Culture Festival, and for Komi to really put her all into the event. Find out more about the chapter’s release date, where to read it, what to expect and a recap of the previous chapter here.

Komi Can't Communicate [Tomohito Oda, OLM, Netflix]

Release date and where to read

Komi Can't Communicate Chapter 449 is expected to release on March 6, 2024, barring any unforeseen delays. For the latest chapter in Komi's journey, readers can find Chapter 449 exclusively on Viz Media's official platforms. We will be sure to update this section if there are any schedule changes.

Komi Can't Communicate [Tomohito Oda, OLM, Netflix]

Komi Can't Communicate Chapter 449 expected plot

In Chapter 449 of Komi Can't Communicate, readers can anticipate further exploration of the tension between Kori Shouta and Ogiya Hafuru following their dispute. Komi and Tadano may try to understand the underlying reasons for the conflict while also striving to maintain harmony within their class.

Additionally, the preparations for the ramen stand at the Culture Festival are likely to continue, with Komi demonstrating her meticulous attention to detail as she oversees each team's progress. However, Komi Can't Communicate Chapter 449 may see the unexpected confrontation between Kori and Ogiya disrupt the previously smooth collaboration, leading to potential challenges for the class as they work towards their common goal.


Komi Can't Communicate [Tomohito Oda, OLM, Netflix]

Komi Can't Communicate Chapter 448 recap

In Komi Can't Communicate Chapter 448, titled Ramen Stand, readers are introduced to a new character, Kori Shouta, whose obsessive and competitive nature extends beyond just making coffee to various aspects of his life. From meticulously preparing his lunch to remaking Komi and Michita's pom-poms with double-sided toilet paper, Kori's behavior earns him the reputation of being lonely and weird among his classmates.


Meanwhile, the 3rd Year Class 3-1 plans a ramen stand for the Culture Festival, with different teams assigned various tasks like decoration, flyer distribution, and noodle-making. Initially, everything seems to be going smoothly, but tension arises when Kori and Ogiya Hafuru get into a dispute, causing Kori to abruptly leave the room, leaving Komi and Tadano concerned about the situation.

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