RuriDragon Chapter 12: Release Date, Where To Read, Expected Plot And More

Ruri juggles her static discharge condition and high school life, and now has to contemplate participation in the upcoming sports day! Find out what unfolds next in RuriDragon Chapter 12.

Published on Apr 17, 2024  |  07:07 PM IST |  48.4K
Masaoki Shindō, Shueisha, MangaPlus, Viz Media
RuriDragon [Masaoki Shindō, Shueisha, MangaPlus, Viz Media]

Our protagonist Ruri Aoki has found herself navigating the challenges of both her newfound abilities and the ordinary trials of high school life. Now, as she grapples with her unique static discharge condition, Ruri also faces the prospect of participating in the upcoming sports day.

Discover what happens next in RuriDragon Chapter 12, so keep reading to find out the release date and more!

RuriDragon [Masaoki Shindō, Shueisha, MangaPlus, Viz Media]

RuriDragon Chapter 12: release date and where to read

RuriDragon Chapter 12 is set to be released on Monday, April 22, 2024, at 12 am JST. Due to the manga's transition to a fully digital format, there will be a three-week break before the release of this chapter. Author Masaoki Shindo announced on April 1, 2024, via Twitter/X that the manga would follow a bi-weekly release schedule starting from Chapter 12 and would be available exclusively in digital format.

To read RuriDragon Chapter 12, fans can access it on various platforms, including the Shonen Jump+ app, Viz Media's official website, the MangaPlus app, and the MangaPlus website. While MangaPlus offers the first and latest three chapters for free, readers will need a subscription to access all chapters.


RuriDragon [Masaoki Shindō, Shueisha, MangaPlus, Viz Media]

Expected plot of RuriDragon Chapter 12

In RuriDragon Chapter 12, readers can anticipate discovering Ruri's decision regarding whether or not she will join the Sports Day action committee. Despite her reluctance to participate in outdoor activities due to her unique condition, Ruri may ultimately choose to join the committee if her friends express interest or support.


Furthermore, RuriDragon Chapter 12 may reveal more about Ruri's dragon traits, providing fans with additional information into her abilities and how they impact her daily life. This could shed light on Ruri's character development and further enhance the understanding of her journey as a dragon girl navigating high school.

RuriDragon [Masaoki Shindō, Shueisha, MangaPlus, Viz Media]

RuriDragon Chapter 11 recap

Titled No Rest for High Schoolers, RuriDragon Chapter 11 opens as on a rainy day as Ruri heads to school, meeting her classmate Yuka along the way. Yuka inquires about Ruri's weekend, prompting Ruri to recount the intense training she underwent with her mother and the temporary relief it brought from her static discharge issue.

At the school gate, Kashiro, another classmate, proudly displays her new hairstyle. Inside the school, Ruri encounters Maeda, who appears to ignore her, leaving Ruri puzzled and wondering if she had unknowingly offended her. Before class begins, Ruri talks about selecting her elective to her classmate, though she doesn’t quite understand it.

The teacher begins class and announces the commencement of training for the upcoming sports day, catching Ruri off guard due to her recent absence. Additionally, the teacher informs the students about the upcoming midterm exams, further adding to Ruri's surprise.

Unaware of the sports day due to her extended absence, Ruri's classroom teacher requests her presence at the office later to discuss the matter. Meanwhile, Ruri shares her ability to discharge electricity with her friends, explaining that her body contains an organ that stores electrical energy from the air, which can become toxic if it accumulates, leading to the static discharge.


Later, in her homeroom teacher's office, Ruri learns that her mother has already informed him about her electrostatic discharge condition. He also discusses the upcoming sports day and invites Ruri to join the sports day action committee, providing her with an opportunity to participate despite her unique circumstances.

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